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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The holidays are here, and for many women that means that the to-do lists are seemingly endless. Not only do we have our normal everyday tasks, such as running the kids to school, cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping, but we also have additional tasks such as gift shopping, home decorating, and even writing that annual Christmas letter.

Although the holidays are a busy time, it is still important for every wife and mother to take time for herself – for her own sanity's sake and for the well-being of others around her. Because we all know that if mom's not happy, then no one is. So if you are finding yourself wound a little tight this holiday season, give yourself a break and do one, or a couple of the following for yourself:

Hit the Salon

There is almost nothing better than getting a great cut and a fabulous manicure and pedicure to match. If you are finding yourself feeling a little frazzled, pull up Anywho's reverse phone number finder, find the closest salon near you, and book an appointment ASAP. Having that time to be pampered will definitely ease your mind, and will get you looking great for when you are ready to take on the next task ahead:

Go on a Date

If sitting alone isn't a good way for you to de-stress, take a night out with your hubby. There is a good chance that both of you haven't got to spend adequate time together during the holidays, so taking the time to have an intimate evening together can be just what the both of you need to unwind.

Take a Ladies' Night

There is no doubt that you aren't the only woman in your circle of friends that is stressed from holiday planning and preparation. Instead of just taking a night to yourself, consider blowing off some steam with a few close girlfriends and having a ladies' night. Either you can all get dressed up and go out, or avoid the cold weather by sending the kids and hubbies away and having a good ol' fashioned slumber party fully equipped with chick flicks and cocktails at someone's home.

The holidays are hectic. Friends and family members are always dropping by or needing to be visited, there are Christmas cookies to bake, and endless shopping that must be done. Although the holidays are often stressful, they are also often a time of great joy. Just make sure to give yourself some time to enjoy the holidays so that you too can look back with fond memories.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This coupon will get you 5% off your total purchase at


Or for $5 off, use Coupon: XMASCAT11

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope it's a great holiday period for all!

I have noticed a lot of people on tv, news and the like repeating "let's not forget what Christmas is about."

By repeating this phrase, it is clear that we have indeed forgotten what Christmas is about and need to be reminded all the time.

The fact that we celebrate the birth and life of an ascetic by buying stuff is a bit beyond me. But then, I run a shopping blog so what do I know...

So we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a non-material man with meagre possessions who wandered the land healing people and performing miracles.

It's not actually about the arrival of a rather obesese, materialistic Coca-Cola manufactured dude in a red suit.

It would be interesting to know the percentages of children who realise that Christmas isn't about getting the new Nintendo Wii so they can gloat to their school friends who didn't receive the latest gadget.

I watched a YouTube video where a kid received a book as a present. His response was "What the heck is this?" It seems that the spirit of Christmas is out of reach for many people.

I hope in some small way, we all find our own peace on earth, whatever it may be.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is the perfect solution to the diet question:

What treats can I have?

Well, I have come up with yet another diet (I should be launching these as books!) for those watching their weight.

It's called the "Inedible" Diet

1.  The treats look delicious
2.  The magic of imagery tricks you into thinking you have eaten cakes and pastries
3.  They serve an ornamental function as jewellery

**Note:  mind you don't try and eat these, they are made from polymer clay!

Mini diet piece #1:  Carrot Cake Charm

Mmm.  Yum yum!  No need to worry about portion sizes!

Mini diet piece #2:  Mini Christmas Cookies

Don't mind if I do, I suppose another one won't hurt...

Mini diet piece #3:   Cupcake Charm

Do I wear them?  Or eat them?  Heck with it, I'll just look at them!

And of course, what banquet would be complete without....

Mini diet piece #4:  Mini Gefilte Fish

Alright!  Gimme the fish already!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I hope everybody had a great Christmas this year. Let's hope for a happy, prosperous and safe new year. Here's to 2010!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's that time of the Christmas shopping period where some people are relaxed, all presents wrapped and ready to go, slippers on, eggnog in hand.

Other people may be in the midst of mind-bending panic trying to get everything purchased before December 25th. The crowds, the pressure, the "what the heck am I doing in this department - everything's starting to look the same" experience. During my shopping expeditions to the Melbourne CBD, I found myself armed with a list, a credit card, some dollars and the beginnings of a whopper headache. After the third shop my eyes began to glaze over and my mind began to fantasise about settling down with a nice cold beer and potato wedges. I don't know what it is about shopping that makes me so hungry. Maybe it's because I'm in survival mode and my body sends out signals to eat to preserve the continuation of the human race. Shopping will do that to you.

I should have taken my own advice and done most of my shopping online. For some reason my online shopping mainly involved buying myself some Christmas presents - perhaps to reward my subconscious for putting up with 2 and a half hours of the most annoying species of shopping humans:

1. Slow Walkers - The thing about Christmas shopping is that MOST people are in a hurry. Probably because there are only 72 hours to Christmas and some of us haven't even bought wrapping paper. Slow walkers are content to amble aimlessly, admiring the crowds, staring at concrete and mesmerised by traffic lights. Slow walkers are the natural enemy of efficient shoppers and tend to approach backwards using stealth and cunning.

2. Bag Whackers - These shoppers come in two forms - those that whack you with a bag and those that whack the bags you are carrying. I try to keep my bags out of everybody's way, daintily dodging and weaving so as not to gonk anyone in the shins. Bag whackers on the other hand are either training for the marathon, arms waving and thumping every bag in sight, or they are carrying half the shareholder's investment at Myer and try to squeeze past thirty people trying to get in the back carriage at Flinders Street.

3. Directional Changers - One of the most dangerous to those carrying anything made from glass or crystal are the directional changers. Like poisonous snakes they wind from side to side, occasionally walking backwards or diagonally without first checking to see if anyone is in their path. If you do see one of these shoppers, stay well clear and hide any breakables.

4. Inexplicable Stoppers - Possibly the worst of the lot. Imagine you are walking behind someone who appears to be walking with purpose. And suddenly inexplicable stopper er... stops. They don't do anything or go anywhere - for example, into a shop, to a stall to buy a drink, to give money to a street artist. No, they just stop. In front of nothing. With blank expressions on their faces. It makes me think of that new Bruce Willis film where robots dressed as people suddenly all stop. Perhaps inexplicable stoppers are actually robots, infiltrating our Christmas shopping habits and stopping to report back to base. Or maybe the heat just makes their joints rusty.

For some of us, the only things left on the list are stocking fillers. Little knick-knacks and last minute curios that add to the Christmas spirit and make it look like there are more presents under the tree. These examples may give you ideas as to what to put in your own stockings this Christmas.

Apple iPod Touch Accessories

Canon Deluxe Grey Leather Case

Sandisk 4GB Memory Card

Crayola Glow Station

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's difficult to know the exact limit to set on purchases for friends and family. $30? $50? Let's assume for argument's sake that the maximum you have to spend on each person is $60.

I have an admission to make - I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. And I run a shopping blog.

Here are some last minute gift ideas under $60:

Red Dwarf Series I and II
In my humble opinion, the earlier episodes of Red Dwarf are the best. Rimmer, Lister, The Cat and 3 million light years away from Earth. Series III is also a classic (refer to earlier post Mr Flibble Is Very Cross). It's perfect holiday viewing - the touching story of a man who wakes up slumped on a table in McDonald's on Mimas (a moon of Saturn), wearing a lady's pink crimplene hat and a pair of yellow fishing waders, with no money and a passport in the name of 'Emily Berkenstein' and an annoying rash. All this for celebrating his 25th birthday with a few mates and a Monopoly pub crawl. This of course happens in the book, and the series begins shortly after these fateful events. But you get the idea.

Nike One Golf Balls 12pk
I am fascinated by how they make these things. I watched an advertisement showing these weird rubber spinning and getting covered in layers, tested by robots, its all very high tech. Personally I just hit them. Preferably on greens and fairways. I once lost around 4 brand new balls in the creek at the 8th at Elsternwick Golf Course. But that's another story...

Bungee, Surfing, Jet Boating

If you know someone who would rather bungee jump than have plum pudding and eggnog, you can choose from surfing lessons, jet boating and other such exciting things.

Fair Trade Fashion

If you want to give a gift that won't add clutter, try this one. Millions of workers in developing countries are employed in the fashion industry. This refers to the people who actually sew and manufacture the clothes we wear every day. This gift helps to improve working conditions for fashion industry workers, making it a better Christmas for everyone.

QuickFlix DVD Rental Gift Voucher

This is a gift that can be enjoyed for months to come. Includes DVD hire and home delivery for those of us too busy to go to the video store. The service provides free return by post and no late fees.

Estee Lauder Travel Set

Christmas time is also holiday time, so this travel set is perfect for a brief or lengthy getaway.
Pack includes Estee Lauder moisturiser, foot smoothing lotion, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow pack and travel bags. I feel relaxed already.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Are you sick of giving and receiving unwanted gifts each Christmas? *Yawn* another icky t-shirt, oh great, more socks and a jumper... wheee...

If you want to do something different this Christmas, consider giving something that will not only make a difference, but will make you smile as well.

I am very passionate about giving OxfamUnwrapped gifts and have been doing so for the last 5 years. Just knowing that you are funding an entire year of schooling for one child, contributing to small business microcredit loans and training for women and buying mosquito nets, clean water, soap and farming training for people who are truly in need.

You can give these gifts and get a free card to send to your recipient to let them know what their gift has bought for communities in need of support.

Some of the great gifts you can give to family and friends include:

Seeds $10

High quality vegetable seeds to increase crop yield for farmers.

Clean Water Jar $15

Hygienic water storage to protect against bugs and other impurities.

Start a Small Business $14

Affordable microcredit loans for starting up a small business to gain self-sufficiency and improve quality of life for families.

These gifts are so easy to give, and your gift gives twice. You can give a card to your loved one and a life-changing boost to a family who will really appreciate the gift. All gifts are tax deductible.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The perfect gift for your three wood.

"The Yoda Head Cover"
To tell you the truth, I had no idea whether or not such a thing was available. I was just watching "The Golf Show" the other night and for some reason I suddenly exclaimed "I want a Yoda head cover!", without a clue as to whether such a thing existed.

And as it just so happens, yes they do.

What can I say?

Yoda = Golf

The perfect balance between ancient religions and blind luck.

Every time you take that head cover off, instead of thinking "yikes" or "help" or "sh!t", you can instead think:

"My ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is"


"Fear is the path to the dark side"

Or when you're deciding that doing an insane trick shot over the water is actually a good idea, you will magically hear:

"Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things."

and of course, when you are lining up to putt, a small voice will come from the vicinity of your bag:

"May the force be with you"

Will it improve my game?


Will it put a smile on my face every time I go for a tee shot and I hear a little voice say:

"Try not. Do or do not there is no try"


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas is looming again and it's time to shop, whether we like it or not. Personally I prefer to avoid the Christmas crush in the bigger stores and shop online, from the comfort of my own computer. But that's just my little quirk.

Here are some ideas for gifts under $15:

1. Blue Dolphin Ocarina

If you have played Legend of Zelda you may already know what an ocarina is. If not, its a terracotta wind instrument with holes, something akin to a recorder or flute.

2. Japanese Design Mouse Mats
If you have the same boring plain mousepad as everyone else, be different!! Gold leaf mousepad featuring Japanese artwork.

3. Reusable Leather Journal/Note pad Holder
This is my personal pick for the cutest gift ever - perfect for the person who carries a notebook everywhere they go.

4. 15 Wines Under $15
Technically this isn't just one present. But who cares. Wine makes a good present. (Checks vintage) Then again, maybe not (*pops cork*)

5. Penguin Holiday Pendant
This would make a great present for a daughter / granddaughter / niece - very cute, very Christmassy. The pendant is the same size as a standard scrabble tile.

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all...
and to all
a good night!



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done early but those last few knick knacks are driving me up the wall. I am going mental trying to work out which Christmas presents to buy for those last few "hard to buy for" people. By the way, I think most people are hard to buy for, I mean how presumptuous are presents anyway? I think each year I get more and more confused about what people want for Christmas. I don't want to inconvenience anyone by getting something big and bulky they can't fit in their place. And I don't want to buy something they don't want. And how do you know if they don't already have it? Maybe next year I'll call up everyone and say:

"Right. Before I buy you any presents this year I want you to fax me a complete inventory of your entire house. Brands and everything." I mean if you want to buy an Itunes voucher for someone, you have to ask them if they have an Ipod. And if you ask them that they are going to have an idea of what you are getting. Argh!! So many decisions and I'm running out of days and hours. Eeek!! So I'm still no closer to buying those last few presents. Next year I'm going to move to Nepal and live in a cave for the month of December.

And I am definitely not going to go into the crush in the city wearing a massive football helmet and wearing boxing gloves, although if you are going to do this, this is what I advise you should wear. And keep some rescue remedy handy in case you have a panic attack.

It's hard to be of good cheer when you are gritting your teeth.

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I am sorry for the lack of posts, I have been running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly. No, I hadn't heard of that saying until recently either, but I thought it was ridiculous enough to warrant a mention.

After living in a chrysalis all year I have suddenly unfurled into a social butterfly. Oh yes, that's me...booked up I'm afraid. Yes, I think I can fit you in on this date, oh no, actually I'm going to a meeting/business lunch/wedding/dinner. My little black book is smoking!

The list of things I have to do in the next few weeks (and months after) are massive. I have kicked into organised mode so I am ticking each item off the list and as soon as I have, another one pops up in its place. It's like the magic pudding!! (For those of you who don't know this children's story, go here.)

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm pretty sure everyone remembers the Seinfeld episode where Elaine has the brilliant idea to send personalised Christmas cards instead of the usual boring generic card. Just make sure there are no untoward parts of your body showing when you get the photo taken and you won't suffer the same fate as Elaine. Personalised Christmas cards can be a special gift for family members and friends and this particular approach is popular with politicians as well. So it seems to work as a networking tool as well. You can create custom holiday cards using a photo of your choice - just upload the photo or collage, customise from a template or your own design and create your own personal touch to your cards this season.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas to everybody!! I hope this year brings peace, happiness and prosperity to all.

Thank you to those of you who left comments, sent emails etc. This has been a lot of fun - only beginning in June 2006 - and continuing hopefully for a long time to come!!

So...for the 25th...

Happy Birthday Jesus!

And a big Ho Ho Ho!!

I hope Santa is good to you this year.

I'll be back with my New Year shopping exploits!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's time for Christmas shopping. ARGH!!!!

Here are some nifty gadget gift ideas to consider:

Apple Ipod Shuffle (512MB) - RRP $69.00

This ipod shuffle is not the latest model so you can get a bargain here. I personally don't need more than 120 songs in an MP3 player because my walks don't go that far!!! I mean how many songs do you need?

It doesn't seem to be available on the Apple website anymore but I found it on the Dick Smith site. You might want to call first to see if they have it in stock.

Ipod Shuffle 1GB model - RRP $119

Okay, if you DO need 240 songs here is the brand spanking new 2nd Generation whiz bang Ipod shuffle. Its small. Apple calls it "The world's smallest digital music player". They have this feature called "Remix and Match" where they autofill songs for you.

That is...choose songs for you. Jazz and Rap. Wow. You know what? It might be a good idea to choose your own songs. Unless you are really easy about what you listen to. I couldn't think of anything worse than listening to "Cafe Del Mar Version 234" instead of Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Hole, Cay, Foos and Garbage.

Ministry of Sound Stix Special Edition (256mb) - RRP $59 (Dick Smith), $89 from Ministry of Sound website

120 songs and voice recorder function. This is the budget model that comes complete with 10 preloaded Ministry of Sound "tracks". Like I said, unless you like this sort of thing, delete and load your own.

Ipod Nano (2GB) - RRP$219

This is the big one - it holds up to 500 songs, 6000 photos or a combination of the two. This is not the model I will be buying myself for Christmas. This is for the private school kids I share a train with. And next year it will be the 8GB model. Or the 200GB, depending on technology and the nag factor. Yeesh!!!