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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

As I may have mentioned in one or many of my in earlier posts, I don't drink coffee anymore. Maybe I can torture... I mean placate myself with this glorious coffee soap made with real cream and coffee beans:

Cuban Coffee Bean Olive Oil Soap with Real Cream

Every time I have a shower I can remind myself of beautiful roasted coffee beans and cappucinos... the roasted bean aroma slowly drifting up and... AAARGHGHGH!!!!

I think I'll ask if they can do one for me in "dandelion" instead!!

Okay... ummm.

My Poop Don't Stink - Dark Rich Chocolate scented soap

Excuse me, I think I'll just go wash my hands in poop. This is either complete genius or completely sick. By the way, it's scented with dark chocolate fragrance.

Now this is more like it, a soap made from beer:

Jamaican Hops Beer Soap- green tea- lemon- black pepper

Aaaahhh!!! I probably wouldn't use it - I'd probably just sit there, sniffing it...

Er... moving right along...

Hi, my name is Herschell, I used to play Playstation in the shower until I got electrocuted. Now Mum has confiscated all my gaming equipment from the bathroom.

Sony Playstation video game controller soap, scented for men

Fear not, Herschell, you can now feed your insatiable Playstation addiction while showering, bathing and just washing your hands. You can marvel at the controls, practice your special moves and do whatever it is that you do in there. Just don't tell me about it...

And now, for something even weirder:


I'm glad to know that the horror Hannibal Lecter dragon's blood scented soap is vegan, otherwise I wouldn't buy it.

So, if you like to wake in fright each morning as you look down at your soap in a half-sleep and see Hannibal the Cannibal staring back at you, washing your bits...

If you like recreating the scene from "Psycho" every morning to break the monotony...

If you like the idea of a serial killer washing your body and making you clean I have only one thing to say.

...You're weird, Pal.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've been having some more fun creating a bunch of free Twitter backgrounds for you to use.

Feel free to share, etc.

- Click on theme and open in new window
- Save to desktop (or wherever you like!)
- Go to Twitter account
- Choose "Settings"
- Choose "Design" tab
- Upload your image from your computer
- Save!

Green Theme

Music Theme

Bookish Theme

Tiger Theme

Have fun!


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More Twitter Backgrounds

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heresh to Shaint Patricksh Day... *hic!*

Let's all raise a glass to being er... slightly Irish and a Guinness Drinker...

St Patrick's Day is the day where everybody finds their Irish roots, no matter how tentative.

I think my Irish heritage is somewhere in the Great-Grandparents region however I will instantaneously turn into a Leprechaun as soon as a Guinness appears before me.

Leprechauns are magical after all...

Out of all the St Patrick's day t-shirts, this one is definitely my favourite:

Irish I were Drunk


Irish I were drunk too.

This how I usually talk after 3 pints of Guinness...shesh...


All I need to remember is where I stashed me gold...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On a budget? Of course, everybody is hoarding their money like greedy squirrels collecting nuts for the winter.

But that doesn't mean we can't spend a little? Splurge just once in a while? Decorate the house a bit? Give a gift without breaking a sweat?

How about gifts under $10. That's $10 AUD, not USD, which means its even cheaper due to the exchange rate. Let's celebrate these gorgeous gifts and leave the recession blues behind!!

Magnetic Memo Board Calendar - $9.95*

I love this. It's so simple, yet so practical. Large enough to display your favourite photos and important notes to remember...

Like "Exercise Today - No excuses!"

Soft Family Training Set - $9.95*

I don't quite know why this is called a "Soft Family Training Set". Perhaps it's for soft families...

I would definitely be using the hand weights for my 1-2km walks. I do like the idea of a skipping rope for extra cardio...

Saturday Night Live DVD Box Set $9.95*

If I watch another news bulletin about recession/depression/house prices/banks etc I will throw the damn telly out the window.

I don't know about you but I need more than ever to laugh right now...

Although the way things are going it might be a maniacal cackle rather than a demure giggle...

Buddha Figurine Outdoor Indoor - $7.95*

What do you do when the stock market has gone southwards, the news reports disaster after disaster, and people are starting to fray at the edges? You could go postal but...

Perhaps what we really need is to turn off our fraught brains and reflect...

Turn off the TV, cancel your newspaper subscription, stop watching the stock market on the internet and sit quietly in the garden. How would Buddha approach the current economic crisis? This can be the contemplation for the day...

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You might also be interested in this offer, it seems that the guys at SurveyDollar are now paying people to take surveys. They are offering two special free bonuses including a copy of "Project Payday" and if you sign up now you can get instant unlimited access to a list of paid survey companies.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K...

There are some changes going on at Entrecard, least of which is the "above the fold" rule.

The rule was proposed that if your Entrecard widget does not appear above the fold (that is, without needing to scroll down at all), your account would then be in violation.

Thankfully, the rule has been amended to the "one page scroll" rule.  This means that you are in compliance if your Entrecard widget appears after one page scroll.  I'm not sure what effect the "above the fold" line would have created had they not amended it to a more sensible criterion.

I have a feeling some will be leaving after the recent changes are implemented.  I'm not sure that I am absolutely comfortable with a "dob in a fellow blogger" Gestapo-type system of reward. Get someone reported and get credits!  Get someone deleted and get thousands of credits!!  It's not good mojo, good karma or good Feng Shui for that matter, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The system will be converting to a real cash economy - I will be interested to see how this turns out.  You basically exchange your credits for cash and begin to sell ads on your widget. As I understand it, Entrecard will then pay you to buy your credits back.  You can also sell credits through your dashboard.  Hmm.  Clear as mud.   I would like to learn more and see how this will actually work.

It will be interesting to find out what others think about these changes at Entrecard.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've always found that stainless steel is a great medium for utensils and save hours of washing time. It makes sense that stainless steel would apply itself to other regions of the house other than the kitchen.

The garden is the perfect place to install stainless steel objects as they will not rust. Some people like the rust effect in a garden. I am not one of those people. Rust-free, low maintenance and attractive, the silver matching well with the green of the garden.

On the indoor front (did I just mix metaphors there?), you can incorporate stainless steel objects to offer an artistic and whimsical touch to your home furnishings.

Such as these dramatic candle holders and wine rack:

I've also found a great way to mess with people's heads while decorating your house:

Put this stainless steel sign in your kitchen or living room...

And this beautiful stainless steel ashtray underneath it!

Silly? Yes? Hours of fun? Probably!

...or is that just me? Hmmm...

But sensibly, there are some significant savings to be had on the site at present (up to 15%), so it is worth checking out for a bit of a browse!

I am so impressed with myself...

You know it's weird. I can run a blog, make a reasonable amount of cash, etc. etc. yet I can't seem to successfully sell an item on Ebay.

I bought this Philips mp3 player for around $60 a few months ago. After buying a newer and better Creative MuVo mp3 player, I decided to sell the Philips player on Ebay.

The item has now sold, and the tally is as follows:

Purchase Price: $60.00

Sell Price on Ebay: $2.99

Total Profit: -$57.01

Wow...Donald Trump, look out!!

Perhaps I should have just donated it to charity.

A lot of bloggers are moving their blogs from the main blog providers to become self-hosted. Sometimes a self-hosted blog with its own domain can rank higher in the search engines and open up a lot of opportunities for bloggers. I have not made the move yet, I am still deciding which web hosting service can offer me the best deal. It is a decision for the individual blogger, and there are factors to consider such as:
1. Page Rank - you will initially lose your page rank, and it will build up again over time. For many it is worth it. For my PR4 blog, I am hesitant at this stage. For others it will be an easy decision to make.
2. Alexa will need to be recalculated from scratch.
3. When you move the blog to your self-hosted domain, it will be 100% yours. Nobody can delete it for violation of terms of service and you are basically the owner with no drawbacks.
4. You will need to resubmit to Technorati - your authority will begin again. If your blog is relatively new, it is a good idea to make the move early to avoid having to build up these stats again.
5. You will need to forward all your traffic to your new address. Some people will keep their old blog running and direct all traffic to a new blog that begins where the old one left off. This has been an acceptable method of moving for some bloggers.
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

I have been trying for quite some time to make an 3 column footer so I can tuck my buttons away neatly. Every code I have tried has failed using New Blogger. I realised that there is a much easier way of creating such a display without knowing too much about html and CSS. I created this code (it's not that difficult - just a simple table!) and I have used a variation of this code in my footer.

Here are the steps:

1. Log in to New Blogger

2. Choose "Layout"

3. Insert new widget at footer (choose "html/javascript")

4. Insert this amazing code here (heheh!):

<div align="left">
<table width="520" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="154">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="169">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="197">&nbsp;</td>

5. Replace the "&nbsp" parts with whatever text, code, html - just copy your button code and paste it in.

6. Cut and paste the whole code into your footer widget and publish.

You can edit the table widths etc, if you have an html editor such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver it will be easier for you to preview the final result.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My post on Mandee's focussed on the teen and young adult crowd. My fellow blogger and commenter Sandy rightly pointed out that it is difficult to find clothing for the more mature woman - the distinguished woman, as I like to call it. Shopping with younger relatives, being dragged into boutiques blasting incessant dance music. You know, the ones with those flimsy western doors not large enough to cover anything that matters, being served by malnourished, skimpily clad store attendants with nasal voices...it's enough to scare anyone.

As a woman becomes more distinguished, she become wiser and more particular about what works and what doesn't when it comes to fashion. Think elegant, not frumpy.

Chiffon Wrap Blouse from Kaleidoscope

Flowing lines, elegant wraps, tunics and cardigans. Some people grumble about cardigans, some people have an unnatural fear of them (Kath from Blurb from The Burbs - you know who you are!!) - however I think a good cardy has its place in society, you just have to find the right one that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable.

Long Cardigan

Jacquard Cardigan

Don't let anybody tell you that you cannot dress in a way that makes you feel special. If you've got it, flaunt it, whatever your age. Sophia Loren, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, these women know how to look elegant and alluring at the same time. You will know intuitively if an outfit is right for you. If it is too tight, gaudy or uncomfortable or shows too much skin for your liking, then it is probably worth a miss.

Chiffon Printed Skirt

Note the use of black with the patterned skirt as the focus of the outfit. It can be a good idea to feature a single piece in this way, without allowing things to get busy or clash.

Very Wide Leg Trousers

Evening Trousers

The worst thing is to think that none of the clothes you see in the stores are for you. Start building up your wardrobe from the basics with some pants, tunics and tops and before you know it you will find your own individual style.

Remember, when shopping online, always check the country of origin and make sure you convert the currency and more importantly, sizes before buying.