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Monday, July 11, 2011

Uggh!!  It's winter.  So instead of saying "ugg" perhaps it's time to start wearing them!!

I'm sure I'm not alone in not liking winter one little bit. But, it is a good time to stock up on essential winter wear.  Can you be fashionable AND cold?  Methinks so....

Winter Essentials:

Polar fleece blanket

Winter Essential #1: Polar fleece blanket
Perfect for putting over your knees in the car during those chilly early mornings.  Use them on the couch, on your bed for extra warmth, the possibilities are endless!

Ugg Boots

Winter Essential #2: Ugg Boots
Keep your toes toasty with fleecy uggs this winter.  Comfy for wearing around the house and getting cosy in front of the fire.

For some extra style points, get the Jimmy Choo Ugg

Jimmy Choo Ugg

American Eagle Outfitters Wool Coat

Winter Essential #3: Woollen Coat
If you are wandering around the place and it's 5 degrees outside, it's woollen coat time. I predict a resurgence of wool this year...

Wool scarf

And last but not least, Winter Essential #4:  Wool scarf
Protect your neck and ears from the cold with a warm and stylish scarf.  Top off your look with warmth and style!