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Monday, June 25, 2012

Kate Middleton wore a rather appropriate outdoorsy outfit while attending the 'Expanding Horizons' ARK charity event in Kent.

For some reason the Australian press decided to dub the outfit a 'faux pas'.  It even somehow managed to make the evening news - perhaps the commercial stations had run out of AFL football stories.

The idea that it is somehow inappropriate to wear a pair of Le Chameau wellies in the great outdoors is a bit silly.  If they are waterproof and lined with leather and extraordinarily well made, chances are you won't get your feet wet.  And if the Duchess of Cambridge can't wear designer camping gear, I don't know who can.  Anyway, I'm sure the kids didn't know or care what kind of brands she was wearing.

All in all, an effortless look.  All class.

How to get Kate Middleton's look:

  • Zara skinny jeans
  • Burberry shirt
  • Really Wild vest
  • Le Chameau wellingtons

Fashion Junkie Glamazon Version:

Sensible yet Stylish version: 


  • Hunter wellingtons 
  • RM Williams vest 
  • Keep the Burberry shirt and Zara jeans!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looking back on my previous posts, my love affair with ELF can be traced back to as far as 2007 when I won a competition for some free ELF goodness.  I usually buy from the Australian store but the US store often has the better deals.

The goodies start from $1.00 and many of the cosmetics can rival the big brands in terms of quality. And since everything is only a couple of dollars each, I tend to go a little crazy when ordering.

Here is a breakdown of my latest order:

~elf cosmetics~

I will never try another lip shade, this is the one for me!  Also one of the most popular shades as it frequently sells out.  This is suitable for olive skinned lasses with cool undertones.

~elf cosmetics~

Sparkly, sparkly eyeliner.  I figured this one was worth a try.  It has now become my everyday eyeliner, beating Natio and Revlon. 

e.l.f. Generic 468x60

~elf cosmetics~

Continuing my sparkly kick, I wanted something wildly dramatic for 'smoky' eyes.

~elf cosmetics~

I have been using this combo since '07.  Perfect for hazel/brown eyes.

~elf cosmetics~

I usually buy 'Shy' rather than 'Flushed' but it is so popular that it is seriously never available.  'Flushed' actually turned out to be a winner, but I'd still prefer the subtlety of 'shy'.  As soon as it gets back in stock I'm getting a whole bunch.

I also got therapeutic lip creme in 'strawberry creme', an Essentials Total Face Brush, Essential Brightening Eye Liner: 'Black', another 'Plum Pout' lipgloss and Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Iconic Ivy and the order still came in under $50. 

I received a free gift for being such a wonderful customer too:

Sparkly nail polish in 'Golden Goddess'.  They know how to make a girl feel special.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Winter is notorious for being harsh on the skin - wind, cold, drying, heaters... ugh!!  Do not want.

I love the Clinique stuff, especially the moisturisers. I went through a whole phase where I only used the Clinique beauty bar, toner and moisturiser (the yellow-tinged cream). I find their stuff to be non-greasy and actually keep skin hydrated. And they smell nice too!

To showcase their Moisture Surge Intense, Clinique are giving away a whole bunch of goodies: free shipping and some special surprise treats.

Use offer code: THIRST

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards 2012 at the Lincoln Center, NYC, showed off the best emerging and established designers and gave attendees a chance to show off their style.

Here are my Style Picks for CFDA 2012:


Karolina Kurkova (Tommy Hilfiger) This "safari-inspired" number reminds me of that scarf material that your grandma kept folded in the top drawer. And for some reason I completely love it. However grabbing on to her dress and yelling "I love you Grandma!!" will probably get you turfed out of any place in New York City, I don't care who you are.


Anna Wintour (Marc Jacobs) This outfit is warm and autumnal, and it's the kind of orangey/red that looks great on a select number of people. And something about it screams "festive wrapping paper" but in a good way.


Busy Phillips (Martin Margiela) This jumpsuit/scarf matches beautifully with the Brian Atwood shoes / Christian Louboutin clutch and shows that black can be daring, too. Perhaps black is the new black.


Dakota Fanning (Proenza Schouler) My vote for best dressed goes to Dakota Fanning in a kimono-inspired wrap/dress thingy. Opinion is divided as to whether this is a hit or miss. For me, the answer is simple, it's a hit. And props for taking a risk.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's "The Row" won the womenswear designer of the year award. Emerging talent awards went to Tabitha Simmons, Joseph Altuzarra and Phillip Lim. Billy Reid won in the menswear category and Reed Krakoff won in the accessories category. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

The New York Times & Glamor called them "the anti status symbol". They have been described as meta fashion, whatever that is.

Let's call a spade a spade. Or rather, ThursdayFriday have made a tote bag with a designer bag pic printed on it. Quite simple, really. Genius.

If New York is going nuts about it then they're going to sell out quicker than you can say "eco-fashion-anti-fashion-meta-hunter-gatherer-anti-status-status-symbol"

These guys are based in Los Angeles, and were nice enough to send a nice piccy of their soon-to-be-sold-out picnic bag.

I love the simplicity of these bags.  I also love the concept.  Designer bags for everyone! 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Just when you think it's safe to go back to machine translations when writing your article, take a word of caution - if you don't have anyone to check the result in your chosen language, you won't know what it really says.
According to andlaaligarh, this is supposed to be the STEP-BY-STEP correct procedure to follow for something known as "face glow yoga".

All quotes in bold are credited to andlaaligarh so please don't sue me!  This is all in good fun, at least I think so!!

Face Glow Yoga:

"...These facials us a name can get..."

- It seems Yoda has been hired as a guest writer!!  Branching out these days, he certainly is. Hmmmm.

" ...Shrink eyebrows, forehead Council take a stand and stand..."

- I agree.  It's important to shrink the eyebrows when taking a stand against the forehead council.  They are a pack of bureaucratic mongrels and need to be stopped.... small eyebrow power!

" ...Eyes turn round in either direction..."

- I think I saw this on the exorcist once...  Call in a priest I say!

"...Absolves and spread lips..."

- Again with the priest thing!  They must throw in an absolution after the exorcism.  

"...Teeth and close the show..."

- Err... The Osmonds?  I'm sure they closed a few shows in their time...

"...Ten count back to the neck..."

- Probably the new Lady Gaga dance routine.   

"...Nostrils Picking and relax..."

- I'm literally not touching that one!!

Who knew that picking one's nostrils could lead to an increased "glow on your face".  Or standing up to a council could give you small eyebrows.  That's if you wanted small eyebrows for some reason.  Make sure your head doesn't start spinning and ALWAYS close with a song.  Big smiles and jazz hands!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

After much anticipation, the designers for StyleAid 2012 have just been announced.  Fresh from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Aurelio Costarella is now confirmed for StyleAid showcasing his flamboyant SS12-13 collection.

Also confirmed are One Fell Swoop, Poppi Lissiman, Zhivago, Fenella Peacock, Empire Rose and Flannel, to name a few.

Dilantette Pour Homme et Femme will be providing a glimpse of the looks from UK fashion royalty with Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Man and Gold Label Collections.

StyleAid 2012 - 27th July Burswood Entertainment Complex.  Tickets go on sale Thursday.