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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Will the Real Size Please Stand Up?

Have you noticed that you can buy, say, 5 pairs of jeans - all of a certain size and when you try them on you find that a size 10 or a size 12 (Australian size) is not the same from one item to another? For example, I have purchased 3 new pairs of jeans:

The first pair is the perfect size, the jeans fit easily and comfortably.

The second is just big enough to get over my knees - perhaps.

And the third pair - well, I could go camping in them. Campfire and all. They are taller than me and many times bigger. Perhaps I could fit into one leg, I may try that - it could start an interesting trend. Or perhaps not.

The point is, they are all marked the same size. And I've checked that they weren't children's sizes or doll sizes or anything like that. So, this begs the question - shouldn't there be some sort of regulating body for the use of clothing sizes?

Otherwise people could get depressed by buying small versions of the next size up, not knowing that their actual size is the same and the clothing manufacturer has gotten a little creative.

Conversely, you could give yourself a confidence boost by buying a larger version of the next size down. Ooh, look, I dropped a size and I didn't even do anything! Again, this is false advertising - the person will remain the same size, they will now just happily leave the jeans lying around so people can see the size on the tag.

There needs to be some universal governing body that regulates clothing sizes. I have tried on a Korean made dress only to suffocate dramatically like a heroine in an old horror movie. Yes, I understand I am tall and perhaps the target market for this dress was short but there should be warnings on the label.

So, with my new found knowledge, I shall be referring to tape measurements only when I buy clothing to avoid any unfortunate mishaps in the future.


  1. I AGREE! I totally am for the standardization of sizing for women's clothing. Men have had it easy for too long. They can walk in and pick something up based on their measurements and have it fit 90% of the time. It's our turn for an easy shopping experience!

  2. I agree with you on this. I have probably 4 different sizes in my closet. I'm not thin, but I seem to love wearing the ones that say the smaller size. LOL

    It's tough to shop. For me, I stick with Victoria's Secret and stay with their sizes. They seem to fit consistently. Of course, they are the ones that have the LARGER sizes. argh

  3. i am jamie sue - yes! Our turn is long overdue.

    zyriana - I agree. Wearing the "smaller" sizes is like a positive affirmation! Maybe they should move all the sizes down one as well - a 10 becomes an 8 and so on.

  4. My boyfriend is so confused by this every time we go shopping together. He just can understand why women's pants aren't measured the same as men's. Wouldn't that make is so easy ladies? My theory, we like to see the smaller numbers, Hehehehe. But I am completely read to give that up and go with measurements, both for my waist and my inseam. Oh shopping would be so much easier.

  5. I completely agree you with you! I was just having a similar conversation with my sister about a certain company and how the same size of jeans can fit you differently. I am not even talking about three different styles, I am talking about the exact same style and exact size and all three fit differently. How is the world does that happen. Is there a jean maker sitting there going...I think this is a 10, this is a 12 and this is a 14, but lets just put size 11 on it? I guess this is why my mother always had me try things on when I was a kid. Now I see why.


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