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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I recently discovered a site called BidRivals. It's an e-commerce website featuring 1500 penny / cent auctions per day.

As soon as I saw a Navman GPS system sell for $15.72, I wanted to know more.  The object of the exercise is basically to make BidRivals lose money.  Sound confusing?  It's not really.  Try to pay as little for each item as possible and save as much money as possible on each auction.

The first thing to remember about BidRivals is that you will generally pay a fraction of the retail price. Only a nutter would keep bidding after the price gets to equal or above the RRP.  If you don't want to join an auction you can "BuyNow".  Read the FAQ regarding BuyNow and auctions before bidding so you are well prepared and understand how it all works.

Auctions can be quick.  Some can last as little as one minute.  If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches 00:00, you are the winner.

It works like this: You buy a pack of "bids" before the auctions.  Then bid on the items you want.  Each bid costs 0.67c AUD and raises the price of the item by 0.13c.  Each person is allowed to win 4 items each 24 hours, just in case you go a bit nuts with the excitement and try to buy everything at once! 

You can set up "BidAgent" for each auction, allowing a spending limit and automatic bidding for when you can't attend a live auction. 

Signups at BidRivals can get up to 25 free bids to start the process and new users are eligible to participate in "beginners" auctions for new members only.