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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Aintree’s Ladies Day is a huge event on the UK racing calendar and a showcase for some rather outlandish fashions. Perhaps the fact that there is no dress code opens the field (as they say) to more diverse outfits.

Being from Melbourne, I am no stranger to horse racing or having a bet. Most of the time I go by the name of the horse. Sometimes I even win! Some people have their own system when it comes to picking a winner. It can be the colour of the silks or the look of the horse in general. Perhaps you are one of those people who know the name of the jockey or trainer, the history of the horse including the bloodline and what it had for breakfast. Like I said, I go by the name.

To avoid dignity blowout (see my post: 5 mistakes of racing fashion), here are some of my pointers for making a bold but dignified fashion statement at the races:

  1. Dresses and skirts – I recommend a hemline just above the knee. Stylish, not too long or too short. Bold is good, but go basic black or neutral on the top to balance it out.
  2. Footwear – A good stiletto can add to an outfit, but there is a lot of walking involved on race days: lining up for your lucky bookie, hobbling off to the viewing area and walking over grassy hills to find a nice vantage point. Of course, if the bookie queue gets too long, you can always use your phone to access online betting sites and avoid the rush! Either way, by the end of all this, you’ll be glad you wore flats or at least used some gel inserts!
  3. Fascinators are indeed fascinating. A skillful milliner can help you make a show stopping statement, so choose wisely. If you have the kind of gregarious personality that can pull off the Eiffel Tower look, wear it! And wear it well.
  4. Fake tan – On white skin, more often than not, fake tan tends to come out orange. If you have pale white skin, you may think it is better to be orange than to be white. Not so. It’s much easier (and more natural) to cultivate the ‘pale and interesting’ look rather than looking like an extra from a Willy Wonka movie!
Whatever you do, remember to be comfortable, stylish, and have a fabulous time!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Casinos can be dressy places. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to pick the right outfit. The right outfit will ultimately depend on the Casino itself. For example the bustling atmosphere of a big city establishment will be vastly different to the laid-back atmosphere of a sleepy island town Casino so be sure to do your research first. Many Casinos will have dress codes so plan ahead if you want to make it through the front door!

And now we come to the question of style.

If you really want to make an impression, you can go old school. Think enchanting: James Bond tuxedos, plunging evening gowns and dangerously high heels. This is wonderful in theory, but the idea of tripping over an evening dress and teetering on stilettos does not, in my opinion, make for a good night out.

Conversely, you can go for a more modern approach. This can be anything from tight chic pants and a slinky top to a light summery dress. Personally, I’d go for the more modern approach, mainly due to the comfort factor. When it comes to slinky tops I prefer sparkles. The more sparkles, the better. Who knows, perhaps they’re lucky as well!

Nevertheless, there are some dos and don’ts when choosing the perfect outfit.

Be comfortable!
If you’re going to be on your feet wandering from table to table, wear sensible footwear. This doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing heel height, but test out your shoes to make sure they’ll go the distance.

Fussy necklines and tops that are tight at the shoulders. If you’re going to be reaching down, counting chips, holding cards and throwing dice, then you need good range of movement in the shoulder area. Go for off the shoulder or sleeveless when it comes to tops.

Black seems to be the preferred choice when it comes to dresses but don’t be afraid to change it it up a little. Black can be a little boring on its own.

The main thing is to be comfortable. If you are having trouble to decide what to wear, you can always play casino online, where you don't have to check the dress codes, and most of all, you can have fun! You will get a great gaming experience and you will find even more games than in a real casino.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

A good way to wear a lace skirt to work - make sure the hem falls around or below the knee. Pair it with a white blouse, patent Mary Janes and a jacket with cuff detail to add a bit of sparkle. Voila!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tartan skirts need context. Surrounded by Doc Martens and a black t-shirt, a pair of Mary Janes or some crazy boots, or change it up with a white shirt, a pair of low heels and some sheer stockings for a more dressed-up look.

Elephant necklace optional, of course.

Tartan Skirt

Prabal Gurung white shirt
435 AUD -

Topshop blazer
96 AUD -

8.49 AUD -

Red skirt
725 AUD -

Leather shoes

Givenchy leather handbag
1 465 AUD -

Mango elephant jewelry
21 AUD -

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's amazing what a difference one letter can make.  I've always thought of the term "shabby chic" as a bit of a self gratification session (I'm trying hard not to swear!)

There is also some kind of brilliantly simple diabolical thinking going on here.  Whoever came up with shabby chic is one clever monkey.  I'm going to take a guess as to what prompted this movement.  One woman or man had a garage full of stuff.  People came and viewed the stuff at a garage sale and said "wow, your stuff's really old, rusty and the paint's peeling off.  I wouldn't give you 20 cents for that rusty oak barrel or that crappy sign that says "flour" that has cobwebs all over it.  Your junk sucks."

So this woman or man, after not selling a thing at their garage sale, developed a plan.  S/he would put a display ad in the local paper, showing all the old rusty, paint peeling crap in a large country-style room, complete with polished floorboards, lace doileys, white tablecloths, white curtains, another bunch of doileys, a couple of pot plants and a headline for the picture "shabby chic".  And thus, the shabby chic movement was created, giving all people from all walks of life the opportunity to sell a rusty bike on ebay for $400 to a clueless yuppie who is willing to buy all your paint-peeling, oxidising junk at premium prices.  And everyone was happy.

And hey, if you want to make your place into a Jane Austen on coke meets Barbara Cartland nightmare then go ahead.  I have developed an irrational fear of lace, doileys and all-white rooms.  And floral bedspreads.    So a shabby chic room for me would be like some kind of interrogation room.  I'd end up telling everything, even though nobody would be asking me any questions.  I'd tell where the gold is buried and the combination to a non-existant jewel safe, just to get out of there.  If someone brought out the iced Vo-Vos I might even scream.  Or run.  Or both. 

What I love even more is when people get this wrong.  Apparently you can buy a table from a "shabby chick", which is in my opinion, too much information for a simple buyer/seller relationship.

I do appreciate her honesty, though.  If you want to create your own shabby chic wonderland, more power to you.  Just don't be too surprised if one of those creepy-assed dolls moves when you're not looking.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

According to Yahoo Style Trends, 2011 has some interesting INs and OUTs.

So, without further ado, here's what is IN and OUT for the coming year:
Vampires - OUT
Well there's a relief. I always thought of vampires as nasty things for slaying with wooden stakes, not as eligible bachelors, but that's just me.  The point is, nobody has got it right since the Buffy TV series.  It had everything, vampires, Hellmouth, nerds, librarians and awkward nerdy and charming exchanges.  It seems that the latest Twilight movies and vampire TV shows in their own heavy handed and lacklustre way have elevated vampires to a desirable status.  The point is, vampires aren't really that attractive.  They don't tan (no beach trips), they drink blood (so dinner is right out of the question), they are always at risk of turning you into one of them, and they get a bit messy when they go out for a bite with their friends.

Communal Tables - OUT
Well yippee with maple syrup on it!!  I could never stand communal tables.  It was always a stupid idea.  I remember having to endure my own birthday party sharing a table with a bunch of noisy eating crusties because the restaurant "doesn't take bookings man, everyone shares the tables".

Well bollocks to that.  If I pay to go to a restaurant, I want a table for one, two or a group.  That is, people that I actually want to share a table with.  People I actually know and like.  The idea of eating food next to complete strangers with questionable table manners is my idea of hell.  I'd rather get take away or cook something myself until the restaurants can get it together to work out that people don't actually want to share a massive bench with strangers.  If I wanted that I'd go to a mess hall.

Austerity Weddings (ie. Kate and Will) - IN
I'm not sure I can count this $40 million "do" as "Austere".  Perhaps the article was being ironic?  Maybe it's more austere than $50 million...  

Anyway, if you as a slightly less royal person, want to get married, why pay a ridiculous amount like $30,000?  Can't you think of better things on which to spend your money?

Option 1:
1 big poncy day, lots of toasters and glassware and a highly pressurised (you HAVE to have a perfect time) holiday.  And leftovers bits from the $500 cake.  A large bottomless hole in your savings account or credit card.

Option 2:
A set of Callaway golf clubs, relaxed holiday, simple registry do.  Money in the bank.  Gee, let me think now...

photo courtesy of kelsey_lovefusionphoto

Ballerina Fashion - a'la "Black Swan" - IN
Pulled back hairdos, tu-tus and lots of makeup.  Hmmm.
Little does he know it, but I think there's a weirdo guy in Fitzroy who hangs around Brunswick street that's about to become extremely fashionable.

If this takes off, the whole of Melbourne will be like going out for a ciggy at College of the Arts or the National Theatre.  I hope that distinctive dancer's walk doesn't take off as well, it kind of looks like Charlie Chaplin on Ritalin.  That is, if Charlie Chaplin got rid of his walking stick, was really thin and wore his hair in a bun. 

SaveSaveSave's IN and OUT for 2011:


Carmen Miranda fruit hats
Protective padding for vague people who text and drive or walk across busy streets
No nail polish and short fingernails
Salt crystal and lava lamps
Queens of the Stone Age
Rock N' Roll in general


Flat pack furniture
Australian/American/whatever Idol
Highlighter pens
Holidays in Ibiza
Guy Sebastian
Dance Clubs
Auto Correct