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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Easy Money - NOT!!


This turned out to be a nice idea right up until the time they stopped paying me. The website stopped receiving applications, stopped paying people and generally started acting scammy. At the time they closed up shop, they owed me around $250.00 
Avoid like typhoid...

Recently I trialled a passive income stream called freebies4webmasters that seems to have turned out to be profitable. I was skeptical at first - actually, I was skeptical right up until the time that the payment appeared in my account. Now that the money is there I can't argue with it.

The process is simple - you put a code on your blog displaying a rather unobtrusive ad on 3 different pages. If you have a blog with more than 3 posts or a website with more than 3 pages this is very simple. Then the fun begins.

Firstly, you are paid 10 pounds (Oh joy for the exchange rate!) for signing up.

Secondly, you are paid 5 pounds per month for leaving the ad code on your site. You don't have to do anything else.

You can put the code on multiple sites if they are approved, thus doubling your income or tripling it or more!

You have nothing to lose so why not give it a try? It's a good place to start if you have never earned money from your site.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Despite initially making an initial amount money from this company, they have since shut down and hightailed it with around $200 still owed to me. Don't bother!!!

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  1. How about a clue as to what were advertising. Some of us care about that, y'know! What, Britporn, penie-patches, megatitties, what?

  2. Eeew! No, they're advertising cheap airline flights.

  3. All very nice but where are your ads from them? (Their banners are not shown on this blog). Just wanted to see it in action.

  4. samuel - I trialled the ads on another of my sites and will be putting the code on this blog during the week. As a result I will receive 10 pounds per month instead of 5.

  5. Am still really wondering about this.... I am NOT convinced....
    Maybe smart to give us the link of the page you have it on..???

    Or r u getting money to write positive about them..??

  6. Can those of us in the US do this?

  7. sjeltur - no, I am not getting paid to write about this. I am however getting paid for the ads. As I said before, I trialled the ads on another of my sites and the code will be up on this blog very soon!

  8. marilyn - I'm almost certain those in the US can do this - I am based in Australia and my sites have been approved so far. I have emailed the company to confirm that this is correct and should be getting an answer shortly. You can try signing up and if they approve you, then the answer is yes!

  9. I got paid late last week. Woohoo!!! Now to see if we keep getting paid month after month. FYI I am based in the US.

  10. surfin sid - Congrats! I think you've just answered marilyn's question about US signups!

    marilyn - I have received the email from freebies4webmasters and they stated they do accept other countries including the US.

  11. That is interesting because I am in the US and they told me :

    "We have now reached the maximum number of publishers per advertiser and therefore are unable to accept your application at this time.

    So what's that about?

  12. neferiti - that's weird?! Perhaps try emailing them to find out what they mean? They accepted one of my sites, then rejected another so I don't quite understand their criteria.

  13. this sounds too good to be true - does blogger have a problem with ads on their sites ???
    I know nothing honestly.

  14. baby~amore'- As far as I know Blogger has no problems with ads on their sites. The only way to know for sure is to try - like I said I don't quite understand their criteria for accepting sites.

  15. love it! the site doesnt work though ill def tryng it out when it does!



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