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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird and Wacky Toilet Seat Designs

Welcome to the wonderful world of weird and wacky toilet seat designs. I used to frequent a cafe in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. The toilets in this establishment were my favourites, due to their pristine cleanliness and due to their crazy toilet seat designs.

I have finally tracked down these wonderful hand-crafted designs so you can make a theme room for your bathroom:

Rubber Ducky Toilet Seat

Rubber ducky, you're the one... who makes... actually I'm going to stop singing now. This would be perfect for kids and the young at heart alike. Rubber duckies are not just for baths anymore!!

BeachToilet Seat

She sells sea shells by the.... dunny.

Do you have a beach house? Do you live near the ocean? Why not create a beach theme for the smallest room in the house. Complete with sand and shells nicely encased in smooth poly resin so you won't get sand caught in an unspeakable place.

Barbed WireToilet Seat

This looks painful, but is actually quite nifty and rather artistic. A bit odd, I must admit but I always liked this design. No need to look out for the redback spider hiding somewhere in the loo, it's already on the seat!

DolphinToilet Seat

My personal favourite. It's blue, it's got little dolphins, sand and shells inside it. It's very er... relaxing.

Site security made simple, from $3.44


  1. Nice designs but I dont know if they are available in the Philippines or if they are affordable, my mom just recently built a rest house in my sister's farm and she will be polishing the details soon in the house, I was hoping to suggest this in to her.

    If you wont mind or if you have time, feel free drop by my blogs

  2. They are around $45 Australian dollars each and I'm pretty sure they will deliver overseas. Just send them a message through your ebay and ask them.

    p.s. advertised on your EC widget

  3. Nice design.
    May I request you to write a guest post (or an Interview), whichever you prefer at our blog?

  4. Thanks. I have sent you an email with the details.

  5. Great designs, certainly make the toilet seat a little more fun!

  6. @OnlineAuctionAddict - it certainly does! We decorate every other room in the house, why not the smallest one as well! ;-)

  7. you can also order them from their website at


  8. @Anonymous - or you can order them direct... thanks for the link! Although some people prefer the convenience of ebay!


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