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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Maseur Sandals Ahhhhhh!!!

I finally bought a pair of Maseur sandals! They cost me $34.99 from a chemist.

They let me try them on as the sizes confuse me completely.

When you put them on you get a tingly feeling, then you feel like you've had 2 or 3 coffees. (For those who don't like coffee, you feel more awake).

I got stressed at work:

...so I slipped these sandals on under the desk.

Minutes later I looked like this:

The benefits are listed as -
increased blood circulation
promotes good posture
relieves tired feet and aching legs
+ they are fully washable

I definitely noticed a warmth spreading through my legs after wearing them for a short time.

I have done a chart for the sizes so you can work them out
(note: These sizes are for Australia!)

For example, I am a size 8.5 (AUST) in shoes,

BUT I am a size 7 in Maseur sandals.

Which would make me closer to a size 9. Confused yet?

If you buy them online, they may be a bit cheaper but it would be a little more difficult to get the correct size for you. And a cheap pair of sandals in the wrong size isn't worth much!!  So make sure you check your sizes with the seller:  Buy Maseur Sandals

An alternative is to buy them at your local chemist. You can ask to try them on and they usually have the chart measurements so you can look up your size.

I'm off to put them on again.

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  1. Those look promising, and it's nice to hear a first hand account of how well they work. I've been looking for some comfy, soothing footware (been thinking of Earthshoes or the new vegan-friendly vinyl Berks) but now I'm considering Maseur, too. Thanks for your input on them!

  2. Dear Savesavesave... My maseur sandals have become FLAT/smooth... do you know where I could buy a size 7 (0r 8)???? thanks.... Lisa c/o
    or blogging @ lisa's spa/spot

  3. lauren - you'll never go back!!

    creativefam - I'm impressed! You must have really worn them out! I sent you an email this afternoon :-)

  4. do you know where they are available now?
    the company has gone out of business.

  5. anon - yes, I believe you can still get them at chemists. I saw them for sale only last week.

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  7. I have 3 pairs 2 sizes up from my original size so comfy

  8. I am not sure why you blogged this to me today?! If you have 1-2 pairs of Masseur sandals for sale size 9/10 > Please let me know? Lisa at creativefam@gmail.com

  9. @Ms. Herman - I think I blogged about this in 2006, it seems to have resurfaced so I'm not complaining! If I find a pair, I will post them asap :-)

  10. I have 4 Pairs beige and active size 7 Black size 8 Invigorating beige size 11 or 10 ii suggest YOU Get them ASAP soooooooooo good shoes comfortable!!!!!maseur website or eBay has tons

  11. I just bought a pair from my local chemist. You can buy them online or from most chemists ie. Full life pharmacy, chemist warehouse etc.

    I paid $49.95 today but have seen them advertised for as little as 39.95

  12. I've only worn them for maybe an hour but my soles hurt big time :-( I think it takes time for your feet to get used to them...

  13. I've just bought another 2 pairs today!

    I'm hooked. Absolutely love them!!

    A word of warning to newbies - you MUST wear them in!!

    15mins a day WITH socks for about a week.

    After that, you can wear them all day every day.

    I wish they sold prettier colours :-( but they're still worth every cent.

    I've only found beige and black.

    I originally bought them for $49.95 from a Full Life Pharmacy but have since moved and couldn't find any in my local chemists.

    I went directly to the Maseur site and searched for local stockists that way. Do call around - I just picked up 2 pairs today for a total of $70.

    I'm usually an AU size 10 or 11 but I buy the ladies size 9 in the invigorating sandals.

    Hope this helps :-)

    1. I agree! You must wear them in and it can be a little uncomfortable at first!

  14. If you love Maseur sandals, log into Facebook and like my page "help bring back the original Maseur sandals"

  15. If you love the older type maseurs jump on over t Facebook and join our group " help bring back the old style Maseur sandals!"

  16. I have worn these sandals since they came out in the 80s.

    The build quality is not as good now as they once were, but they still are very durable, and wash clean easily.

    If you buy them, I'd recommend getting the regular ones. These have bumps or nodules that massage the soles of your feet as you walk. They take a couple of days to get used to, as the nodules give an intense massage. But once you get your feet used to them, you will crave slipping them on. It's like the best foot massage you have ever had - on demand.

    They look a bit unconventional - when I'm at the shops, movies, or train after work I get a lot of curious comments asking me if they hurt or are painful. I quite like the way they look, especially with skinny jeans. I have both a black and beige pair. They used to do more colours and I guess that's my main criticism, some extra colours would be great.

    Apart from that though, they are an excellent sandal


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