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Pixi NFTs

The Pixi Collection of NFTs is now on sale!

About the artist

I am a musician, visual artist and writer from Australia. I create pixel art of unique creatures, rock stars, and I will also add pencil sketches, audio visual creations and whatever else takes my fancy! Choose your preferred blockchain and explore the world of Pixi NFTs!

Pixi NFT Community Discord: https://discord.gg/QsPAgpwpSn

Pixi NFTs on TEZ:

The NFT collections below can be found on Kalamint!

Pixi NFTs on ETH:

The NFT collections below can be found on Opensea!

Pixi NFTs on WAX:

All the NFT collections below can be found on Atomic Hub and Neftyblocks!

Pixi Monsta

Pixi monsta is a collection of eccentric human and nature-based characters with their own unique personalities. All NFTs in this collection will be minted 1 of 1 only. Collect them all! 

Current listings 

Pixi Roxta

Pixi Roxta is a series of pixel art rock stars for you to collect. Each one is designed to capture the essence of the artist and to celebrate their own unique characteristics.

Current listings

Owls of Crypto

The owls of crypto hoard their coins in the nests of the golden barn and carefully guard each and every coin in their collection. Only the brave venture in to evade their deadly talons and grab the prize.

Current listings

Pixi Snax

You will never go hungry with these pixi snax!

Current listings

Pixi NFT mailing address:
LJP's Pixi Art
PO Box 520
Elwood Vic 3184