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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, this comes along:

Doga (Dog Yoga)

A.K.A. "Dog Yoga" or "Ruff Yoga". I saw this book in the newsagent today and lost it.

1. I hope they don't want the dog to read it. I have enough trouble getting them to say "woof"

2. Getting a dog to "sit", "stay" and "don't chew the furniture" can take years in dog training school. The mind boggles at a dog trying to learn "Salute to the Sun" in a short period of time.

3. Dogs would be good at the "Downward Dog Pose", I'll give them that.

4. Is the yoga actually taught by dogs? If so, THEN I'm impressed.

5. Possible dog poses to try:

"Digging the roses out of the garden" pose

"Smell another dog's behind" pose

"Go mad at the doorbell" pose

"Bark at nothing in particular for 30 minutes" exercise

The strange and rather challenging "Leg humping" pose

"Tap dance across tiles and slide into a bicycle and a bunch of toys" pose

According to the author, dogs are already born yoga masters. Well, good. Perhaps they can teach me. The book is, of course a little tongue in cheek (or tongue flapping out the car window, depending on your species) and combines humour and yoga and er... well, dogs.

Apparently dogs have a natural "tranquility" - yeah. Tell that to the mailman.

Yes, dogs can do a lot of things, but can they do this?

Hmm. I don't think so.

"Dogs are natural yoga masters" eh?

Well... some humans can naturally do yoga. At least I think that's what this guy is doing.

Perhaps we can just leave yoga to the humans and let dogs just be... er... dogs.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love fridge magnets. There really is no end to these little beauties. Whenever I think I've seen every possible configuration, somebody comes up with a new concept. It seems you can put anything on a fridge these days, just attach a magnet and off you go.

Here are some of my faves:

Ladybug Fridge Magnet
So cute!!

Child Proof House Fridge Magnet
I love her deranged smile...

Art Deco Travel Poster (Leather) Fridge Magnet
I love Art Deco posters, I would pretty much buy Art Deco anything. They don't make 'em like that anymore...

Origami Fridge Magnet
Beware. I am a black belt in Origami.

Leaf Fridge Magnet
From the people that brought you "Tree" - now here's "Leaf!"

You can make magnets out of anything and everything. It would also be fun to make fridge magnets out of ordinary household items. Just buy a pack of magnets on ebay and start creating!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Would you pay 15 thousand dollars for a meat pie?

Well I wouldn't, I'm a vegetarian.

In a recent NineMSN Travel article, a number of expensive menu items are detailed - here are the Top 6 Expensive Meals:

#1 $1156 Caviar Omelette (Norma's New York)
I don't care if they use caviar from the rarest fish in the world and dodo eggs.
I can whip up an omelette in about 7 minutes using free-range Victorian grown eggs. Whack in a bit of caviar from the deli if you must but either way you'll save about $1149.

#2 $193 Chicken Club Sandwich (Cliveden, London)
Apparently the kind of meal recommended by Henry IV. A good king by all accounts but rather expensive taste. Made from 30 month air cured ham. Eeew!! Perhaps we are paying by the month for this service...

#3 $15,820 Wagyu Beef Pie (Fence Gate Inn, Lancashire)
Made with $965 per kilo beef. What, did the cows eat gold during their time on this earth? I'm sure it's a nice pie, at almost $2000 per slice it would want to be. If it's anything like the pies I have sampled at the footy at the MCG, I'd rather a nice used car if it's all the same to you.

#4 $1146 Ice Cream Sundae (Serendipidy 3, New York)
And I thought the Pancake Parlour was expensive! Whee!! 23 carat edible gold leaf. From what I've read, gold is the sort of thing you buy and keep in a safe or under your bed - as opposed to stuffing it in your noggin'. Each to his own I suppose.

#5 $289 Truffle Chocolate (Knipschild, Conneticut)
A rare French perigod truffle surrounded by a... chocolate truffle. It's enough to give you a Knippshion (sic)!
Big whoop. Gimme a six pack of Ferrero Rochers and we'll call it even.

#6 $10,000 Diamond Martini (Algonquin Hotel, New York)
I've had expensive nights out. Just last Friday I had $25 in Wild Turkey shots and a lovely hangover to boot. This diamond martini, it appears, hurts your wallet as well as your head. But the bonus? You get a diamond stuffed down the bottom of your glass. Whacko the doodle bang. A real diamond. If I want a martini, I'll buy a martini. If I want a diamond, I'll go to a jeweller's.
Important Note: Don't drink this one too fast.

Sooo, I could either have the most expensive meal in my life...
For $28,604 I could buy a 2005 Volkswagen Golf and have $11,454 left over for a nice holiday in Byron Bay.

Which would you choose?