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Friday, March 30, 2012

It's always fascinating to find out where people find SaveSaveSave in search engine queries.  Here are a few of my faves (I am so proud to be ranking for these particular phrases):

poem on maggi noodles  (Banjo Patterson, eat your heart out!!) 

cellulite stadium 2   !?!?!?! (I'm sorry, I'm afraid I missed Cellulite Stadium 1!)

wacky toilet seats  (this one actually makes sense, I did do a post on wacky toilet seat designs)

naked people crossing  (I'm not going to ask why people are searching for this!) 

quinny  (er... use your imagination!)

And best of all, if you type in Google:

i need toilet paper for my bung hole.... acdc

you will find me.

I finally rank for "bung hole".

A dream is achieved.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I made the mistake of taking a bathroom break during "24".

If we're watching a program on TV, I usually ask my partner when I return "what did I miss?"

And he will say something like:
"they haven't worked out who did it yet" or
"they are still trying to figure out who is sending the letters"

When I came back after missing what must have been less than 3 minutes of "24" I asked the same question.

"What did I miss?"

the plane's blown up,
a cougar's loose,
this girl's missing,
this guy's dead,
this one blew up,
this thing exploded,
they found another bomb and everyone's about to die."

Don't go to the bathroom during "24".

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I was fascinated by a documentary I watched last night called "Selling the Moon".  The show centered around the human thirst for energy resources and the new technology that will help us get there.

Nuclear scientists have long known that fusion power is a possible way to generate large amounts of electricity using relatively small amounts of source material.  Rather than using large amounts of coal in a standard power plant or using fission power in a nuclear reactor, this method of fusing, rather than splitting elements seems to be the way of the future, if the technology is ready and the materials are available.

However, the only setback is this...

Helium 3 is the material needed to create this wonderful fusion reaction, and it's a tad scarce on the ground.  Literally.

In fact, the only large deposits we can find are on the moon.  So, logically, rocket companies and scientists alike are jostling for the rights to mine the moon.  Makes sense, doesn't it?

Except the cost of getting to the moon is somewhere in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  In fact, it costs 1 million dollars per minute to keep a man on the moon.  So a week of mining with say, 5 astronauts would cost, say 50400000000 dollars, if my calculations are correct.

Not to mention, a standard sized rocket ship can't really hold that much Helium 3 (possibly in moon rock, soil or dust form), because it would mess up the weight on re-entry.  And since Helium 3 costs billions and billions per tonne (a human-made concept), it makes it one of the most valuable commodities.  Ever.  And a kilogram of this stuff can keep a large city going for about a week.  So it is a given that many, many more trips will be needed to get enough to get us started.

It all seems just a little bit... mad.

These particular scientists / geologists and rocket companies have decided that the best way to solve our ever growing energy concerns is to mine the moon and create fusion power here on earth.  The idea is to replicate the very process that the sun and the stars use to create energy.

There's a small gap in this logic.

We want to create a miniscule replica of the sun's energy producing process here on earth using a multi billion dollar rare-as-hens-teeth Helium 3 gas that is only found on the moon.  So we're going to scoot up to the moon, mine the crap out of it, drag the stuff back here and start fusing it together using extreme heat to create energy so we can power our iPods.

Meanwhile, as we try to be insanely entrepreneurial and reinvent the wheel, the actual wheel is spinning up in the sky for all to see.

It's called the sun.

If we advance solar panel technology (using terrestrial materials!) we can further improve on what is a rather perfect solution.  Since the sun is already generating massive amounts of energy using fusion power, wouldn't it make more sense to harness the ready-made power of the sun, enjoy our practically (barring any supernovas!) inexhaustible supply of clean, non-polluting energy...

...and leave the moon alone.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The spring shopping season is almost upon us, meaning that many of us will soon be hitting the mall and checking out the latest warmer-weather fashions. It also, of course, means that we come home from our shopping expedition having spent more money than we would ideally like.

We can certainly try to reduce our spending at the mall by using traditional tricks such as planning our purchases in advance, carrying only cash, and even forgoing the mall altogether in favor of online shopping. But for those of us who can’t bear to stay away from the mall this spring and who plan to buy enough clothes to fill a self storage Chicago unit, perhaps the best way to cut our costs is by taking advantage of the widespread sales expected at most major retailers this year. By using sales to our advantage we can oftentimes find great items that we want and pay minimally to have them. It’s a definite win-win when done correctly.

Taking advantage of sales usually means following retailers’ websites closely and obtaining some measure of luck while browsing through the racks at a given store. Here are some other tricks you can employ:

Repurchase Products That Have Gone On Sale

It’s always good to research a purchase beforehand and make sure that you’re getting a good deal. But, when you buy something at full price, you can also continue to research afterwards to insure that the item doesn’t go on sale. If it does, you can return the full-price version and then return it at the sale discount. This way you can get the sale benefits even if you don’t buy at the right time.

Take Advantage of Store Discount Cards’ “Honeymoon Period”

Most major retailers offer a store credit card that can be used to get sale discounts on a wide range of purchases. These cards commonly share two strong attributes. First, they offer substantial deals and savings on your first main purchase or during an initial “honeymoon period.” Second, these great offers usually quickly dry up, leaving you with a card that charges a higher interest rate and provides fewer rewards than most. In light of these attributes, you are probably best off to enroll in a store card right before making your major spring purchases, use the card to get a discount on those purchase, and then stop using the card shortly thereafter.

Use Technology To Price Compare

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets these days, the internet is always at our fingertips – even while we shop. You can take advantage of this to price compare, both between stores and between platforms. Sometimes retailer A will have a much better deal on jeans than does retailer B. Sometimes, on the other hand, retailer A will offer a far better deal online than it does in the store. Whatever the circumstance, you can always check your iPhone while shopping and immediately see what other options are out there. There are even apps out there that can help make the comparison process even easier.
Following these tips can hopefully help you maximize your sale benefits and save some more money this shopping season. While spring shopping never fails to be fun and exciting, it’s always important be financially responsible and keep a close eye on our spending at all times.