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Monday, June 29, 2009

Last minute deals ending 29 June 2009. (US time)

ViewSonic 22"Widescreen LCD Monitor
42% off
This monitor is marked down from $295 to $169. Shipping is free for a short time so... you might want to get in quick to take advantage of this offer.

SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo
77% off
This deal is incredible - normal price $79.99 - you can buy it today for $17.77

Iomega 500GB Prestige Desktop USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
This external hard drive is usually priced around $99 - this one is marked down to $69.

Apple iPod 30GB
$399 is the usual price - today $99.99

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This may be your lucky day - I was recently contacted by CSNRugs to host this incredible giveaway to win a FREE RUG from CSNRugs for all my US and Canada readers!!

What fun! I was also excited as I was asked by CSNRugs to choose the rug for the giveaway!!

This will be heaps more fun for the lucky winner who gets the rug for doing something as simple as (1) subscribing to my blog or (2) by leaving a comment. Read on...

After much deliberation browsing through the huge selection of area rugs, outdoor rugs and accent rugs I settled on this beautiful and elegant oriental rug as the GRAND PRIZE for one lucky reader:

Surya - Augusta Judson Woven Oriental Rug

The rug is a classic oriental style, strong and stylish, bold and decorative.

  • Machine-woven in Egypt of 100% heat-set polypropylene
  • Absorbs the wear and tear of everyday use
  • Makes a fashion statement in any room
  • Primarily black with burgundy border and beige and green accents
  • Size: 2' 2" x 4' 6"

Here is a comment from one customer about Augusta Judson Woven Oriental Rug:

"This rug is the perfect piece for our entry. The colors are vibrant and it goes well with the tile in our entry and with the wood doors and railings in our entry. We are extremely pleased with this rug. It also is a beautiful compliment to other decorative accessories in our home. Love it!!"*

*Courtesy of CSNRugs reviews section

If you think this rug would look good as an entry rug, in your study, living room, bedroom, or some other special place you have in mind, make sure you enter - it's simple to enter and the winner could be you!!


Method (1)
Leave a comment on this post - remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Method (2)
Subscribe to this blog. You will be automatically entered into the draw.

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I always thought "Strong as Steel" was a Tina Arena song. ...and I just said that out loud.

It turns out that Strong as Steel is also a nutty infomercial about exercising in your kitchen using nothing but GE kitchen appliances. Note: This is not serious!! It has a disclaimer mentioning that lawyers have advised them to put a warning not to try this at home. It is, however, one of the funniest infomercials I have seen for a while. I have written a few posts poking fun at infomercials recently. I can't really do a lot to top this one, it pokes fun at itself. And you've got to love that. It's really quite silly and quite clever.

I mean seriously. Where else would you find Oven Squats, Dishwasher Lunges, and Refrigerator Curls?

Watch the video here:

"Do you find that your butt gets just a little bit bigger every time you go to the kitchen?"

*snicker!!* Gold!!

My exercise routine in the kitchen sometimes includes gonking my hand between the water filter and the refrigerator door and hopping about for a bit. And cupboard head butts - I do them whenever I forget to shut the overhead storage area. I wonder if "toaster presses" count? Er... probably not.

The release of the exercise DVD/parody cleverly coincides with a stainless steel upgrade promotion where you can buy GE appliances finished in steel for the same price as white, black or bisque. Plus you can enter a competition here to win a holiday to a number of destinations including Brussels - Belgium, Bilbao - Spain, LA, NY and Seattle. Where would I be going? Duh! Seattle of course!! You can enter the competition without needing to make a purchase.

Strong as steel, baby.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Acer TravelMate 3290 14.1'' Laptop Core 2 Duo, 1GB Ram, 80GB HD

This deal caught my eye today - for those looking for an inexpensive laptop, this refurbished 1GB RAM / 80GB HD provides the opportunity for big savings. My personal laptop came from DealsDirect and I was thrilled with the service and the laptop itself.

Today's price is $699 and suggested retail price is around $1400. You might need to hurry, though - this deal begins at 11:23PM Sun 21/06/2009 AEST and will end at 11:59PM Mon 22/06/2009 AEST.

You might also be interested in this offer, it seems that the guys at SurveyDollar are now paying people to take surveys. They are offering two special free bonuses including a copy of "Project Payday" and if you sign up now you can get instant unlimited access to a list of paid survey companies.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sadistic Gift File #1 - Gong Alarm Clock

Gong Alarm Clock

Yeah. Like waking up in the morning isn't traumatic enough.

It really is that special present for the person you really hate. Instead of getting up the courage to tell them outright, you prefer to torture them on a daily basis, so the first thing they will think of in the morning is you. And creative ways of disposing of a clock... or a body...

"Be awakened with great fanfare, as is fitting for one of your stature and position. A tiny servant to your morning experience lets loose at a time of your choosing; loud "gong" is set by an easy-to- use digital clock"

In fact my "stature" and "position" will be as such:


Fist smash.


Position: head buried in pillow hopefully dreaming about Kung Fu.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What do you get for the kid/adult/nutbag who has everything?

Why a Racing Grannies set of course!!

Racing Grannies

Two high-octane octogenarians rev up their wheelchairs and spin around the 10-piece track; individual controls keep the action going. Requires four AA batteries (not included). Plastic. Grannies are 3¼"H; assembled track is 15½" x 25½".

I really don't know why I want this on my wish list. Probably because it's completely bonkers.

The people at What on Earth have struck gold here. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius. I would like to shake their hand and peer into their magnificent brain for a while. Racing Grannies. How do you think of something like that? Without non-prescription drugs?

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You might also be interested in this offer, it seems that the guys at SurveyDollar are now paying people to take surveys. They are offering two special free bonuses including a copy of "Project Payday" and if you sign up now you can get instant unlimited access to a list of paid survey companies.
I have scoured the edges of the earth for a simple, straightforward black cardigan. Do you think it was easy? Noooo.

They come with ruffles. Or shiny buttons, or beads, or frilly bits that hang asymetrically. Or those half-cardigans that make you wonder if you've actually got it on. And in this weather (5 dang degrees last night!!) you want to make sure you're rugged up and warm.

But finally my quest was er... quonquered.

Here it is in all its splendour:

I spotted it on Ebay and had to have it. The auction ended in 9 days and I couldn't wait that long. I contacted the seller and said "if you put a buy it now price of $20 on that cardy I'll pay for it straight away." I wasn't sure if that tactic would work but I tried anyway. No sooner had I sent the message and the "buy it now $20" sign was up. I snapped it up and couldn't be happier. It is soooo warm.

P.S. Unrelated rant: The new Firefox sucks. Nothings works on it. Grrrr. I'm going back to the old one on oldapps.com

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Since winning my laptop in the DealsDirect Australian Bloggers competition, I have been researching prepaid wireless dongles on Ebay for what seems like a millennia.

Finally I decided on Optus, as the reliability and coverage is reported to be better than the other networks. I had witnessed others struggling with their various network's connections, suffering dropouts, and finally taking up creative swearing. I had to be vigilant.

I found an Optus USB slimline modem (dongle) on Ebay for $100 - not bad, considering they are $200 new plus $30 for a new SIM card.

Now, I have always considered myself to be quite adept with computers, having used them since I was around seven years old, perhaps earlier. I learned to program in basic, connect networks, install and configure operating systems on PC and Mac. I later learned HTML, completed a course in CSS and enjoy tinkering with code and other such nerdy pursuits.

The USB dongle instructions couldn't be simpler:

1. Put SIM card in USB dongle.

2. Insert USB dongle into computer. Wait around 7-10 minutes as the dongle automatically installs itself. The wonders of modern technology.

3. Click on the icon and press "Connect".

Now lets be fair. Even a monkey could probably work out how to do this after a bit of trial and error. But do you think I could get the dang thing to work? Nooooooo.

So I called Optus telephone support with all the enthusiasm of a heretic at a Spanish Inquisition party.

"Hello, Optus, how can I help you?"

The line was bad and I could tell I had called somewhere in the vicinity of Mumbai.

"Um, yes. I've installed the USB dongle and that's all fine but it won't connect. It keeps saying 'SIM card not recognised', I can't work out the problem."

So for the next twenty minutes we go through a number of avenues, SIM card set up, SIM card activation, password this and identification number that.

She suddenly stopped and I could hear her thinking.

"Uh, have you installed the SIM card properly?"

"Yes. Well, I think so anyway. Hang on let me check."

My heart rose as my nerd cred sank.

I looked at the dongle.

Pulled out the SIM card.

Checked the gold connection points.

They were on the wrong side.

Super nerd had inserted the SIM card upside down.

"How is that now?" she asked.

"Er, yeah. It works. Er... perfectly. Wow, that's great. Thanks."

"Have I been any help to you today?" She asked hopefully.

For the first time in my life was able to say yes.