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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

During my online shopping exploits, I have created a large number of collections, be it cookware, DVDs, clothing or gadgets.

I am proud to announce: My cookware collection is almost complete (say in Darth Vader voice!)

Regular readers of my blog are aware of my Baccarat cookware obsession. There is something about stainless steel with a copper base that makes cooking that much easier. After hunting around many online shopping outlets, I discovered OO.com.au

I ran a search for cookware on the site to see if I could get some kind of deal:

My prayers were answered rather quickly as I spied an 18cm Baccarat pot normally priced at $70 selling for $44.95. Without hesitating I pressed the "buy" button and filled out my details. I was able to pay with paypal, making it even easier for me to... SHOP!!! (insert crazed PayPal convenience induced frenzy here)

The pot arrived in mint condition. The speedy delivery was facilitated by a reputable courier service and the item was vaccuum wrapped very carefully. I really couldn't fault the service and would buy from OO.com.au again.

Other bargains I have bagged from this site:

High Definition Set Top Box with HDMI and DVI - $149 (this was at a time when HD set top boxes were around $399!)

I have never had a problem with this unit. It was a bargain at the time and it is still up to date in 2010.

Baccarat Pinnacle Stockpot with lid (5.4L) - I told you I was obsessed with Baccarat! Normal retail price was somewhere around $120 but I nabbed it for $34.95. And I got a special delivery discount during a half-price delivery promotion period, saving another five dollars in the process.

Be sure to look out for the slam dunk 24 hour deal - a heavily discounted sale item that only lasts for - you guessed it - 24 hours!

I must say that my shopping expeditions are going extremely well and I am saving a heap of money. I will be returning to OO.com.au shortly to search for HD recorders.

Searching is simple - for example you can type in "Hard Drive recorder" to see the results:

You can then reorder the listings by lowest price, highest price and popularity.

This allows you to search within your budget and get the best possible deal. I desperately need to get a hard drive recorder to catch up on all the tennis and golf events that are screened at 3am. And that would be past my bedtime (tee hee!)... But that's another story....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rant time.

The old 2 minute noodles had a tangy flavour - a kind of salty, zingy hit. Apparently Maggi have taken it upon themselves to do some sort of focus group study.

You know the kind where the "consultant" guy gets paid $750 per hour to talk, well... bollocks.

"Okaaay. You know what 2 minute noodles need? Let's ask a random selection of bland-palated people and see what they think."

"Okay, now they have chosen the cardboard tasteless ones, we need a name"

"We'll brand them as 'EXTRA DELICIOUS' - they'll love it!"


Extra delicious to who? People with a cold?

Thanks to this treachery, we now have 2 minute noodles with very little flavour and barely-recognisable rehydrated vegetables. Vegetables that are still crunchy when the noodles are cooked!! Mmmm....

But you know what? They are now 14 grams lower in fat!! And "ovenbaked"...


You know what I want? I want those 14 grams of fat re-absorbed into those noodles so I can have the taste back.

What happened to my ridiculously wrong munchy snack that tastes like real (pardon the pun) 2 minute noodles!?!?

Grrrr!!! ARgh!!!

~End Rant.

Monday, January 18, 2010

There is something about being on holidays that messes with the space-time continuum.

1. Time goes waaay to quickly.

2. Alarm clocks become increasingly redundant because for some reason I decided that 3pm was a good time to wake up, and 3am was a sensible time to go to sleep.

3. Calories do not count because I tend to get more exercise on holiday. Being out and about and walking all the time, those chocolate mint sticks have negative calories. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

4. Time is taken up by difficult matters such as whether to play golf or go to the park and go for a walk with hand weights.

5. After 2 days of being outdoors my Neapolitan tan (red, white and brown) indicated that I might benefit from the use of sunscreen.

6. Exactly three days before holidays end, I remember that I really wanted to do this or that and I have officially run out of time.

7. Exactly 1 hour after holidays end, I am planning for my next holiday.

Friday, January 15, 2010

How does Skype to Go Work? I was a little confused about this so I had to do a little research. I wanted to make international calls from my mobile as I have a growing need to talk to overseas contacts. I tried calling using normal Skype and although it was cheap and convenient, at times my microphone has managed to cut out at inopportune moments. This can make it difficult to carry on a trans-Atlantic conversation without worrying about the quality of the line.

I wanted the freedom to call internationally from my mobile, and it just so happens Skype to Go does just that.

I found Skype to Go on the main Skype website and decided to give it a try - I used my existing account with Skype (it's free to sign up) and I decided since I was going to be calling overseas frequently, I would buy around $16 credit. I have called the US around 10 times using this service and the calls are ridiculously cheap. My balance has hardly budged at all and it will probably take me a few years to fully run it down.

How it works:

You are assigned your own Skype to Go number - I have mine programmed into my mobile phone.

On the Skype site you can set up a kind of speed dial phonebook - the great thing about setting up the numbers through Skype is that it automatically puts in the country code - all you need to do is nominate the country you are calling.

From your mobile, you can now call your Skype to Go number and the menu gives you the option of calling a number manually or selecting any one of your speed dial contacts.

Skype to Go will now put you through to the international number and you pay around 9c per call, which is an amazing deal considering most mobile phone rates for international calls.

The brilliant thing is that with $16 credit, I can call Australia to the US over 150 times before I even need to think about recharging.