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Saturday, September 10, 2016

I have tried a multitude of makeup products from the ponciest counter at David Jones and Myer to the $5 displays at the local chemist. I have had custom-made foundations, stick foundations that make you look like an extra in a zombie movie, tinted moisturisers that make you look like you dunked your head in oil, and makeup that looks fine in the morning, only to disintegrate into a bubbling mess at the end of the day.

My previous faves were Revlon New Complexion foundation and Garnier BB Cream, however they never had the right colour for me. Many of my fellow olive-skinned beauty aficionados will understand the frustration of finding a great product only to find nothing in our shade. In my experience, many makeup companies believe that people generally have unusually coloured skin.

I have come up with a few names for the shades I have seen so far:

Vampire White
Coral Calamity
Bizarrely Pink
Sunburned Lobster
Oompa Loompa Orange
Eggplant Nightmare
Questionable Sunbed Accident

Here's a tip for makeup companies - people don't generally have bright pink skin.

Soooo, to make a long story short (too late!) I have found a foundation/tinted moisturiser-type product that actually matches my skin tone.

And the best part? The prices are fantastic.

So without further ado, I unveil... (Get it? Unveil? Argh)

Coral Colours Tinted Moisturiser - Natural Tan

This is the best thing ever. It goes on smoothly, you don't need to use much and it looks totally natural on olive skin. Yippee!

My other great discovery was this amazing Argan Oil Mascara

I have been using argan oil as a beauty treatment but a hidden benefit of argan oil is the ability to help grow and thicken eyelashes (and eyebrows, if you like that sort of thing!)

I am also excited about the expanded range of products that includes BB Cream and other argan oil based products. The company is local to Melbourne (Brunswick) and the prices are phenomenally good.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Summer #2 Essentials

Watermelon home decor
290 AUD -

Logitech UE Smart Radio (Black)
245 AUD -

Sass & bide white jeans

Converse Planet Shoes
85 AUD -

Amanda Rose Collection chain necklace
52 AUD -

43 AUD -

Now that Summer #2 has begun (it used to be Autumn but the seasons have moved), I thought I'd take a moment to celebrate my fave purchases at the moment.

I just bought myself a Kikki-K diary (yes, I know it's March, don't judge) and I'm loving the cute decorations and the fact that it fits in my bag easily.

My Logitech UE Smart Radio is playing all my custom stations while I'm cooking and my shower bluetooth speaker plays Pandora. It's a thing of beauty.

My angel necklace is my favourite accessory right now and I rarely leave the front door without my Sass & Bide jeans. They were a perfect fit but it seems I have managed to drop another size (when I most certainly didn't need to) and now I need to get some tighter skinny jeans. Not that I'm complaining or anything!

Here's to Summer #2. Let the warm weather continue!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Messenger Bags - Binge vs Deal

1 415 AUD -

With a Stella McCartney bag (around $1500), I can prance around saying "I've got a Stella McCartney bag!". The novelty may wear off after about 20 minutes. Then I could buy a big bag of rice and eat that for the rest of the year.

Alternatively, I could pick up this lovely Tom Ford bag ($130), and nobody would know the difference unless they followed me around with their heads tilted at a strange angle.

I recently bought a new messenger bag and paraded it around, revelling in its multi-pocketed glory. The only thing I failed to consider was the strange metal hook at the front, generally used to secure the bag but who has the time to do it up when you're going to open it again?

So I'm happily strolling into the crowded whole foods shop when I feel a tug around my shoulder. I keep walking but the tug gets stronger. I try to walk further but I find I am walking on the spot and not getting anywhere. It is only then I realise that someone has grabbed my bag and is trying to yank me out of the store. I plan my attack. I hone my ninja moves. I wait for the right moment before turning around...

To find that the large metal hook had clipped onto the clear plastic panels hanging over the doorway. By now people have turned to look at me, fists clenched, tangled in plastic and slightly confused. I quickly revise my ninja attack, settling for calmly untangling myself from the mess of plastic drapes and casually walking into the store.

I really know how to make an entrance.

Monday, November 30, 2015

I found myself attending a function at a prestigious yacht club last week, and found myself clueless without the first idea of what to wear. I had never been to a yacht club before but I figured since it was a business function, the best idea was to stick with the basics in business wear. I wore my trusty Asos jacket, my purchase of the year so far. It pretty much goes with anything business-related. However there are other options when visiting a yacht club that might suit a more casual approach.

Dress code (this may change from

Option 1 - Business attire yacht club look: Asos jacket, crossed striped shirt, black pants, ankle boots. Voila!

Yacht Club Wear - Business

Option 2 - Casual yacht club look:

Yacht club wear - casual

The main things to remember are no bare feet, no thongs, no bathers, no revealing clothing, no big slogans or logos and no hats. If you go with neat casual, you can't really go wrong.

Hipster alert! If you wear a hat, you may find yourself accosted by a grizzled old sea dog demanding that you shout the bar. You have been warned...

Monday, November 09, 2015

Casinos can be dressy places. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to pick the right outfit. The right outfit will ultimately depend on the Casino itself. For example the bustling atmosphere of a big city establishment will be vastly different to the laid-back atmosphere of a sleepy island town Casino so be sure to do your research first. Many Casinos will have dress codes so plan ahead if you want to make it through the front door!

And now we come to the question of style.

If you really want to make an impression, you can go old school. Think enchanting: James Bond tuxedos, plunging evening gowns and dangerously high heels. This is wonderful in theory, but the idea of tripping over an evening dress and teetering on stilettos does not, in my opinion, make for a good night out.

Conversely, you can go for a more modern approach. This can be anything from tight chic pants and a slinky top to a light summery dress. Personally, I’d go for the more modern approach, mainly due to the comfort factor. When it comes to slinky tops I prefer sparkles. The more sparkles, the better. Who knows, perhaps they’re lucky as well!

Nevertheless, there are some dos and don’ts when choosing the perfect outfit.

Be comfortable!
If you’re going to be on your feet wandering from table to table, wear sensible footwear. This doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing heel height, but test out your shoes to make sure they’ll go the distance.

Fussy necklines and tops that are tight at the shoulders. If you’re going to be reaching down, counting chips, holding cards and throwing dice, then you need good range of movement in the shoulder area. Go for off the shoulder or sleeveless when it comes to tops.

Black seems to be the preferred choice when it comes to dresses but don’t be afraid to change it it up a little. Black can be a little boring on its own.

The main thing is to be comfortable. If you are having trouble to decide what to wear, you can always play casino online, where you don't have to check the dress codes, and most of all, you can have fun! You will get a great gaming experience and you will find even more games than in a real casino.