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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Waiter There's A Pubic Hair In My Soup!!

Don't shout so loud, everyone will want one. *bdum cha* (drum crash) 

 As I write this I am rather rapidly making my way through an entire pack of Mentos chewy dragees.

I ordered cream of mushroom soup today. The soup was nice, the usual standard I have come to expect from this establishment. Until that moment. It wasn't hard to find. The thing about cream of mushroom soup is that it's kind of white. And the thing about this hair was that it was kinda black. And short. And er... curly. Note: In this restaurant none of the staff appeared to have curly hair. Not on their heads, anyway. 

My face froze as I found the offending item, fished it out and put it on a napkin. It was at that same moment I lost my appetite. Perhaps permanently. 

This would make a great diet plan - I could call it the "Hairy Soup" diet. Guaranteed to put people off food forever. I do sometimes wonder if I have a sign above my head saying "Do something unspeakably gross in my food please". The fact that it was cream of mushroom soup doesn't bear thinking about.

BLAAAHHAAHHAA!!!!!! (Eats another Mentos) 

I told the waitress about the hair. She smiled at me as if to say "oh good". I suspect she did not have the faintest clue about what it was I had just told her. 

To quote John McClane (Bruce Willis) from the Die Hard quadrilogy: "How can the same sh!t happen to the same guy twice?" Or girl in this case. Please refer to previous post 'Waiter There's A Pubic Hair In My Tofu'. 

 I may never eat again.


  1. Oh how gross and I agree about a permanent way to diet. I'm sure if people really knew how gross some of the cooks and even servers were they would never eat out again.

  2. @Poem - I'd love to exchange links!! I will put your link up today.
    Kind Regards

  3. @Jude - I will probably be very careful eating out again unless I personally inspect the kitchen...

  4. I've had that happen to me a few times also. I can't see any normal way for pubes to get into food at a restaurant so I have to figure it's intentional. Maybe the cooks have a envelope of hairs that they just use every so often. Why they would want to do that is anyone's guess.

  5. @utenzi - I'd like to say that makes me feel better that I'm not the only one!?!? Maybe they do use an envelope - or maybe... no I'm not going there.. blah!!

  6. ewwwwww i'm just shocked u let the waitress smile at you ....i would have screamed my head off if that person did not reson in the way i want her too.....gosh !!!! Thanbk god you notice the hair before you drank the whole soup ....

  7. One excellent reason to only eat at home. At least there you know exactly what's in your soup and where it came from.

  8. @Deviki @ Viki - I must have been in a good mood...

    @river - I'm starting to appreciate the joys of home cooking!

    @utenzi - You don't want to know... ;-)

  9. Nice Post LJP..... Nice Blog tooo

  10. Hmmm...pubic hair, cream soup, other "additivies" - ohh man I do NOT need that image in my head.

  11. Ahahahahahahaha*coughs*hahahahaha....!!
    Sorry, I know it wouldn't have been a laughing matter at the time, but damn that is funny!
    I especially love that the waitress thought that there was absoloutely no problem....!

    Wow... this EC thing does have benefits...! ;)

  12. @Vic - Comedy is what keeps me going.


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