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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Avis Messes with Family Catch-Up


It began so simply. A catch up with Dad and my Grandma in Apollo Bay. My partner and I called up AVIS because in February last year we used them to drive out of Melbourne for the night. On that occasion the whole transaction was seamless. I booked on line, got a receipt number, I really couldn't fault them. They even offered an upgrade to a bigger car but I declined because I like to drive a manual!!

This time around, well I don't know what it was. Perhaps the computers were down, at least that's what they said. Perhaps someone on the switchboard was having a bad day.

It started well. We booked 4 days hire for a Hyundai Getz. They calculated the cost at about $159, which was fine. Hunky-dory. Tickety-Boo.


The fiasco began when we called back to change the date to the week before to sync up with my sister coming down that week. Simple, you would think - adding one extra day, and moving the booking back 1 week.

The woman on the switchboard told me it would cost an extra $190. An extra $190 for 1 day!!!!!!!! That's more than the 4 days put together!!

I pointed out the insanity of this proposition. It seemed to take a while to sink in. She couldn't understand what it was that I was objecting to. Then she got confused, told me the "computer was down" (it was more likely that she was down) and tried to get me off the phone.

With steam coming out of my ears, I called back, hoping to get a more helpful person. I explained the whole situation again and the lady said she couldn't do anything right now, could she call me back tomorrow?

I took great pleasure in cancelling the booking. The relief was wonderful. But it begged the question, where's the holiday? I still haven't caught up with my Grandma, I still feel bad for giving her the wrong filter replacements for her water purifier jug!!! I shall redeem myself today and send up the right ones!! Another January Christmas present. Oh well....

To be continued....


  1. Customer service with a smile, heh? Maybe you would have done better with the "dial one for ..." machine.

    Here for the BVC.

  2. I am visiting from the Blog Village Goes Gonzo Carnival!!! I am glad that mess ups like this don't keep us from ultimately catching up with family!!

  3. Oh my, sounds like something that would happen to me. The whole pricing thing on stuff like that makes NO sense at all.

    It's horrible when a plan fall through, especially one you looked forward to so much.

    (I'm visiting from the Blog Village Goes Gonzo Carnival.)

  4. Oh, how frustrating.

    Hi, I am here from the carnival, nice to meet you.

  5. WHO are those people you get on the phone - sometimes they seem to be on another planet! Here via the carnival:)

  6. Here from the carnival. Hope things work out better next time.

  7. So few employees of any company act like they care about the customers. Don't they realize that's the most important job they have? Without customers, they wouldn't even have a job!!

    Sorry your trip was ruined.

    Coming from the BLOG VILLAGE Family Blog Carnival, too!!


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