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Friday, July 21, 2006

Ebay: What to do when you find a good seller....

This relates to ebay auctions where you may have a difficulty and the seller is helpful and good with communication. This also applies to sellers that post quickly, sell good products, are courteous and considerate and treat you well.

This is sometimes hard to find, and when you find a good seller on ebay, stick with them!!

* Add them to your favourite sellers - you can do this in their "member profile" section or in the item description window. There will be a section under "additional Options" for you to do this - "You may add this seller to your Favourite Sellers in My eBay."

* You can always email the sellers and request items. Not so much with the garage sale type sellers, but the ones with ebay stores that focus on a specific product. (Eg. vitamins, health products) The sellers are happy to hear from buyers about what is in demand, and it will mean more sales for them.

The best sellers are the ones who are accommodating.

Eg. #1
I receive a faulty item and politely let the seller know in an email.

The seller sends me a replacement product.

Eg. #2
An item is posted to me by a seller. I never receive it. I politely email the seller to let them know.

The seller gives me a full refund.

These are the sellers who deserve more business. If they treat you well, respond in kind and keep them on your list of favourite sellers.

There are many sellers who would abuse, deny and refuse to contact in situations such as this. They are to be avoided.

Hooray for the good ones.

Happy Shopping!!


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