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Thursday, January 25, 2007

My New Favourite Accessory!

For the first time in my life (or a long time!), I actually bought an accessory.
Yes, that's right. Me.
I fell in love with it at the Elsternwick Golf Course because it was so cute!!!

Wilson Staff Cap $14.95

...and because it was a hot day (35 degrees celsius)
...and in Australia we have UV levels and conditions similar to futuristic movies like Total Recall..

...and if you don't cover your head you get bright red even if you are olive skinned like me!!

I thought this cap was pretty appropriate because I was at a golf course, and the Wilson Staff label denotes my role as caddy. This is a role I am very proud of - I can click that golf stroke counter like nobody's business!!!

After 2 games of golf and 4 days of walking with hand weights, my head has not been 'touched by the sun'.

My arms, however are a different story.

I got one layer of tan from the first day of golf, right up to near my shoulder. I got the next
layer wearing 3/4 length sleeves...and the next layer with full length sleeves.

I call it my "Neapolitan tan".

Now for the verdict:.....

Success!!! Not only is the cap cute and a perfect colour, but it keeps the sun of my noggin' as well.

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  1. LOL! I love the tan description. I have had those before too, it's pretty funny looking. :)


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