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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ebay Scumbags

Wow. I don't usually do this but sometimes there is that one special Ebay seller that catches my eye. I'm not going to name anybody, not interested in doing that - I'd just like to point out how important it is to read the seller's feedback before making any bids.

Seller stats:

17 sales - member since early '07

Not a good start! By the way, one of these marked as positive had left a negative feedback comment.

Some of the comments were along these lines (I am paraphrasing of course) :

"...Packaging was not adequate. Broken on arrival..."
"...Item was dirty and old, described as new..."
"...This item is not authentic OR rare as stated..."

You get the idea.

The phenomenal overall positive score for this person was 75% - this is the lowest score I have seen so far. Perhaps someone can correct me on this.

I was thinking of buying an item from this character until I decided to check out the feedback. I'm glad I did. The retail price of this item is cheaper than the Ebay listing by $30.

The point is, these people exist out there, so beware.

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