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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Optics Planet Gift Ideas

If you are frantically creating and destroying Christmas shopping lists (I may be speaking from experience here!) then here are some new ideas for gifts for those adventurous souls who enjoy high powered torches, night vision goggles and rifle sights.
Hmm, just make sure they are not nutty first before checking out the Gift Guide. You can find discounts and bargains on flashlights, microscopes, binoculars and astronomy gadgets. There is even a personal planetarium / GPS sky guide for identifying celestial objects.

Myself, I can identify celestial objects just by drinking too many beers and looking up. My accuracy may be a bit off, though. Perhaps one of these gadgets could help. And a sky map. I don't think "that big squiggly bit there" really counts as identifying celestial objects.

I'm going to stop talking now.

This post brought to you by OpticsPlanet.com


  1. Only way to identify celestrial objects swaying in global hues of pink and glitter is after a few beers or glasses of wine or both. No I haven't been drinking yet? I don't think so anyway, maybe I have, maybe I haven't, maybe the Aliens made me do it........arrrrrrrr.

  2. kawichic - don't mention the aliens!!! They are watching us right... now...


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