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Monday, December 22, 2008

Best and Worst Christmas Gift Ideas

According to an article in The Age, a Galaxy poll revealed some surprising results.

After questioning 1242 people aged 13 years and older in October, the survey found the following 'best' gifts:

Best presents for women - Chanel No5 perfume

I disagree. I think Poison is much better and anyway, I'd rather get a new titanium driver. Perhaps I am atypical.

Best presents for men - iPod Nano
Hmmm. I know one man in particular who would scratch his head and give me a quizzical look if I bought him an iPod Nano. The most likely response would be "how do you turn the bloody thing on?"

Best presents for girls - Barbie and Baby alive

AAARRRRGHHH!!! My mum would have had a pink fit (literally) if I had been given such gifts. Barbie dolls are sexist and promote eating disorders. Baby alive prepares one for motherhood I suppose. Fine if you're into that sort of thing...

Best presents for boys - Lego and Transformers

Now you're talking. I got quite a few lego sets as a kid and I loved them. I think they are good for the imagination and also serve the purpose of keeping kids away from the XBox for a while. Transformers? Yeah, I used to like them...before the crap movie came out.

Now for the 'worst' list:

Worst presents for women - Kitchen appliances

I understand that the giving of a kitchen appliance to a woman can often be misinterpreted (or correctly interpreted) as "you woman, go cook!!" ...or words to that effect.
On the other hand if it's a rice cooker...well, they can come in handy.

Worst presents for men - the article didn't specify so I'll have to make up my own. From what I have heard, anything tie-dyed, clothing bought by grandma/aunties eg. green socks, more socks, colourful t-shirts that say something like "Brown Ferret Sports Club" with pictures of surfboards and volleyballs on it. Sweeping period romance novels are probably out, unless the male in question is a fan, or is named Gill Sanderson (romance author!). And perhaps the worst? Pongy aftershave that only goes with a backwards cap, a 6 cylinder car and an ear-splitting doof doof stereo.

Worst presents for teenage girls - Clothes bought by parents

Ok, I hear ya. Yep, yep. That polka dot cable knit jumper will sink to the bottom of the closet, only to be wheeled out on special occasions. Unless that is, it meets an unfortunate 'accident' along the way...

Worst present for teenage boys - Books

Whaat? What about Harry Potter? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Are we entering a new age of illiteracy? Whatever happened to The Famous 5? Boys Own? Sherlock Holmes? Nooo, it's all gadgets and gizmos now. Teenage boys probably learn how to read on Facebook.

I finished my Christmas shopping two days ago. Let's hope we all escape the 'worst' list!

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  1. Merry Christmas !

  2. Hi

    There are so many people sending gifts on Christmas. This time christmas gifts are so costly and anyone cannot buy these gifts.

  3. Books are great gifts!! I have a 14, 12 and 3 year old boys. My children play videos games to much!! They received games and gagets for christmas but the books are very important. We make sure they do some reading everyday and owning good books to read is how to keep up the reading! They get books every christmas!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Varun Gupta - Merry Christmas to you! :-)
    Sent you an email as well.

    Yoko - Merry Christmas!!

    Sheila - that's good to hear!! I was hoping that reading was still alive and well amongst the younger generations :-)

  5. Nicely done. Seeing that wool jumper picture alone makes my skin really itchy, takes me to memories way back...

  6. Very cute. Great idea for achievement day girls or cub scouts. Thanks.

    Adorable! I love the combination of the two ideas & whoppers-Yum! Makes for the sweetest gift! ;O)

    pair that beautiful flowers to an original heart-felt poem, perhaps. ah, now that is a heart warming gift. :)

    This is a good post!
    Thanks for sharing the information :)
    It is very useful!


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