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Monday, August 23, 2010

Beware the Gorgon

On my travels this weekend I found myself shopping around for a hairdresser.

My hair has reached the stage where I can make a wig from sheddings and every time I try and sleep it wraps around my neck and tries to strangle me.

During my midday stroll I found a likely prospect:

Medusa Hairdressing.

This is an actual hairdresser, I did not make it up.

After struggling with the idea of getting my hair cut at such a place I came up with some possible sub headings for their display window:

"Our hairstyles kill the competition"

"Stop men dead in their tracks"

"Midweek Discount - Snake Extensions"

"Who Needs Gel When You've Got Stone?"

"No mirrors guarantee"

But is Medusa the best name to really "get people in".
I'm not sure a beheaded snake haired woman who turned men to stone just by looking at them is exactly the appropriate connotation for a supposed beauty outlet.

Don't get me wrong.  Medusa was a noteworthy beauty.
It's just that she was headless and stuck in a bag by Perseus only to be brought out to stun warriors into a rather nasty death.

What's Next?

Minotaur China Shop?

Zeus Electrical?

Hellhound Kennels?

Siren Shipping?

Icarus Airlines?

Or how about

Cyclops Optometrists:

"We keep our 'eye' on our competitors"


  1. shanaq1985 - I'm always interested! - just send me an email to violetfrog7 [at] yahoo dot com dot au


  2. you're are quite funny, and your posts are incredibly cheerful:) Keep up good work:)

  3. Thanks @pol!

    @Nicola - Thanks for your comment, it made my day :-)
    p.s. enjoyed your blog

  4. Thanks @healy! I do my best ;-)


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