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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mini Cakes for Mini Dieters

This is the perfect solution to the diet question:

What treats can I have?

Well, I have come up with yet another diet (I should be launching these as books!) for those watching their weight.

It's called the "Inedible" Diet

1.  The treats look delicious
2.  The magic of imagery tricks you into thinking you have eaten cakes and pastries
3.  They serve an ornamental function as jewellery

**Note:  mind you don't try and eat these, they are made from polymer clay!

Mini diet piece #1:  Carrot Cake Charm

Mmm.  Yum yum!  No need to worry about portion sizes!

Mini diet piece #2:  Mini Christmas Cookies

Don't mind if I do, I suppose another one won't hurt...

Mini diet piece #3:   Cupcake Charm

Do I wear them?  Or eat them?  Heck with it, I'll just look at them!

And of course, what banquet would be complete without....

Mini diet piece #4:  Mini Gefilte Fish

Alright!  Gimme the fish already!!

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  1. I reckon seeing such lovely things and not being able to eat them would make me very very unhappy. Thinner yes, but a less nice person to be around....


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