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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shabby Sheiks

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, from shabby chicks to shabby chic, along came the Shabby Sheik:

A rustic, shabby sheik timber cabinet.  What is a shabby sheik?  What decorating movement does it represent?  Broken tiles?  Ornate but mud covered mosaics?  Or perhaps the seller was someone mysterious but well known...

I love the shabby sheik movement, I intend to decorate exclusively in this style.

And, to follow the immortal words of the man himself,

You are what you is
And you is a bad speller


  1. Hah! I must admit to not seeing *any* Shabby Sheiks in real life; they all seem to be loaded over here, so maybe the cabinet is a real find in that it's extremely rare? :P

  2. @kath - My thoughts exactly! The concept of a Sheik is quite contrary to shabbyness, in fact they tend to dress rather well. A rare find indeed!


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