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Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Short Steps to Video IT Courses - Software Training Made Easy

A number of new bloggers have asked me recently about where to start when learning how to use new software and becoming computer literate. Sometimes the first step can be the most difficult but when I was doing software courses with novices, I was surprised at how quickly they picked things up. Essentially, it's just a computer, and once demystified, it actually becomes fun to learn!

Some of you probably know the basics about computers and using various programs in your daily life. However, software upgrades such as Windows 7 can put you back to square one.

Teach Me Today is a simple, easy to use online learning system for IT Training using video demonstrations, allowing you to start learning immediately.  At present, it is available for US and Canadian students only (I'm hoping that they will include Australian students in the future). Subjects include software training for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access, to a subject such as C++ Programming.  

A couple of my readers asked me about the best way to get into C++ and the world of programming.  I find that online video tutorial courses are easy to follow and you can pause, take notes and test as you go.   

It's 3 easy steps to sign up to get exclusive access to quality software training video content:

Step 1.  sign up

Step 2.  pick your course

Step 3.  start learning

List of courses include:  Windows 7 / Excel / Build and Design Games in C++ / Using the Internet / QuickBooks / HTML and web design / Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Publisher / Powerpoint


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