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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Pre-Christmas Shopping Purchases 2012

I'm back! It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, it's that I have had too many things to write about. A quick update of my latest endeavours -

1. Bought everything on ebay in the last 2 months (well, almost!!)
2. Designed some apps
3. Created a couple of websites
4. Prepared to sell a couple of websites
5. Downloaded heaps of apps
6. Wrote Christmas lists
7. Realised I was doing too many things

Sooo, I have a moment to reflect and take stock (literally) of my latest purchases.

There is one clear favourite at this moment - my awesome Zara leather jacket. It's buttery soft, looks amazing and people I don't even know come up and want to touch it. That's kind of weird but it speaks for the quality of the materials.

Here it is, in all its glory:

That's not me by the way, but you get the idea.  My jacket is exactly like the one in the pic.

It retails for around $400, but the sneaky ebay shopping goblins helped me to snatch it up for... wait for it.....  $39.


I pretty much wear it all the time, despite the arm touchers.

My other notable mentions include:

My lovely Nikon Coolpix L310 Camera, a present from my wonderful partner for my birthday:

This was not the sort of thing you would want to buy online.  We got it from a shop with all the proper warranty papers and stuff.

And for the bathroom decorations, these beautiful "Nile Stones" - I think that's a pun.  It's punny!!

Egyptian Stone - "Nile Stones"

You can still get these on ebay - they are hand carved and beautiful.  They are small, delicate, and... ston-ey.
I grabbed a couple of the 'beige' stones.

And.... some awesome ankle boots from shoebox_au (one of my new favourite sellers!)  The pic is a tad grainy because this particular ankle boot is no longer available.

Haha! because I got the last one!!

I really do love ebay.  Now, if I can just do all my Christmas shopping online, I can avoid the stores for another year!!

I can just click - get package - wrap stuff.   - Done!!

As opposed to - drive like a maniac through peak hour - park in a $150 per millisecond parking place, get whacked in the knee repeatedly by trolleys - have kids run into you covered in sticky stuff - wait in checkout line with a close-quarters-mouth-breather standing 1mm behind your neck - wait for even longer after the customer in front wants to put their $4.95 purchase on their Gold card that keeps getting declined so they can get 0.000002 frequent flyer points - get back in car covered in toffee apple, bruises, wrapping paper and cortisol sweat and drive like a slightly more careful lunatic back to civilisation.


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