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Friday, February 22, 2013

H20 Mop x5 - As Seen On TV

It is my usual form to lampoon the heck out of "As Seen On TV" infomercial stuff.

It comes down to the fact that most stuff on infomercials doesn't really work like it does on TV.

For some background and context, feel free to revisit Snuggies and Mr T and the Flavor Wave Alien Incubator.

But here's something wacky, I bought something featured on a TV infomercial (ok, I didn't see the infomercial before I bought it)....

....and I LIKED IT.


Let's get one thing out in the open: I clean when needed, I try not to do it excessively.

I don't particularly like to clean but I enjoy mess less than I enjoy cleaning, if that makes sense.  (huh?)

So, basically I like things that are easy to use and quick to set up.

When I read the instructions and managed to work out which bits went where, it was pretty easy.   

Fill up with water (from the water filter jug in the fridge), plug in, wait for the light to go green and PRESS BUTTON...

Claim #1:  The H20 mop is supposed to steam clean carpets.

Reality:  What the hey?  This crazy crap actually works!
You have to vacuum first of course.  But afterwards it looks pretty much like it did when it was steam cleaned professionally.  The only thing you have to make sure about is spot cleaning first (I use orange oil).
It makes everything much easier.

The attachment used for carpets is the triangular-shaped cloth thingy.  It has velcro on it so it just sticks on and stays there.  You have to try really hard to get it wrong.

Claim #2:  The H20 mop steams sinks and shower heads and stuff
Yep, sure does.  It gets rid of creepy germy gunk in the plug ring.  I don't normally think about stuff like this, but when this stuff came out of the plug and tried to make my acquaintance, I took notice.  Ewwwww!!

Shiny!  Sparkly!  Happy!  Lucky!

Claim #3:  The H20 mop steam cleans bathroom and kitchen floors.

Reality:  Wowee!!  It cleaned the bathroom floor in no time.  This is something that used to take me absolutely ages (at least an hour), mopping, cleaning, drying, going over bits.  The H20 mop cleaned faster than that crazed, speed-addled lady on "There's something about Mary".

Yes.  I do mean Magda.  

Other things I have steamed:

Shower tiles
Shower head

That was enough for me, everything is all clean and sparkly new!  Yay!

Another wacky fact, it costs over $100 if you get it directly from the infomercial but I got it for under $70. Hahahaaaaa!!!


You get a free set of soup knives,
an automatic muffin grater
and an electronic llama clipper!!

Actually, you don't.  You just get the mop.  But it's pretty good, amazingly.


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