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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Dreaded Ebay Jinx!!

I have fallen victim to the dreaded Ebay jinx. The last few purchases I have made have been a complete disaster.

Here is the rundown:

Exhibit J - Robotic LED Book Light

Verdict - D.O.A. !!! (2 Items sent. 2 Items died)

Exhibit K - Stainless Steel Compass

First item sent was not very useful.
The compass didn't work (North kept changing direction!)
To the seller's credit, he did send me a new one and that one worked.

Verdict - Annoying, but OK

Exhibit L - Nokia 2600

Technically this one wasn't a total disaster but it was a complete pain the the bum.

The phone description said "Unlocked"
"Unlocked" of course meaning locked to the Telstra network when I hate Telstra and would rather eat sawdust than give them a cent.

So I had to spend a hair-pulling 3 hours trying to activate a locked phone with an Optus SIM kit.

Then I had to go to a Telstra shop (arrrgh!!) and PAY them to unlock it. $30!!!

Oy veh.

Verdict - Grrrrr!!!

Exhibit M - Playstation 2 Memory Card

Oh, this one was a doozy. The card didn't arrive. For weeks. And weeks.
And then the seller was "No longer a registered user on Ebay"

Was I nervous? You bet!

I managed to track down his phone number and he ended up finally sending it to me.

Then I used it for Tiger Woods 2004 (I have been happily playing Tiger Woods 2003 for the last year or so) and I realised that Tiger Woods 2004 is a bunch of crap.

Verdict - Hahahahahahah!!!!!! (Losing it at this point)

Exhibit L - Pink Nokia 2600 Cover

I love it. It's wonderful. It's just MISSING IN ACTION!!!!!!

Verdict - (insert maniacal laughter here)

Perhaps my blog has displeased the Ebay gods.


  1. Do you think that future generations will appreciate the sacrifices you have made in order to bring us this blog? Great work!!

  2. You are very unlucky, I have bought tons of stuff off ebay without any problems. I do however only ever buy off people with very good ratings even if it costs me a few $ more.

    Good luck with your future purchases maybe your bad luck is over.


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