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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Foot Patches

I tried 2 different versions of these foot patches, BioHeel and Chi.

In my opinion the BioHeel are stronger and the most effective in drawing out toxins.

The Chi patches are for people with shellfish/other allergies so if you don't have these I recommend going with the BioHeel patches.

The patches are adhered to the bottom of the feet overnight to draw out toxins from the body. I was shocked at the state of my foot patches on the first morning!!

Here is a before and after shot to give you an idea.


It's pretty gross, I know - but better out than in!

This Reflexology Chart shows where you can place the patches to address various ailments or concerns.

I prefer to get the patches from BioNatural Australia - reliable and their delivery is speedy.
I considered buying them on Ebay but the cost of postage from some sellers makes it less economical. And I prefer to buy this sort of thing from a real shop.

RRP for patches:

Pack of 10 $21.85 AUD
Pack of 20 $39.60 AUD
Pack of 30 $59.00 AUD
Pack of 90 $159.30 AUD
Pack of 300 $472.00 AUD

Personally I think you would have to be Keith Richards to need the 300 pack but that's just me.

If you haven't used them before you might want to go for the pack of 20 or 30 - that's what I did!

I found myself smoking a cigarette while wearing them and wondered if it was doing any good!?!!?

Anyway enough about me. Here are some links for more info:

Foot Patches 1

Foot Patches 2


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