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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blogstipation #2

It's happened again. Can't think of a damn thing to write. I haven't bought too many things recently, but I have lost of bunch of stuff. When my hand knocked the glass of water off a table the other week, I lost 2 of my favourite books.

The casualties:

*Double Sigh!*

I miss this book terribly. I used to refer to it almost daily. Now it's gone. It was one of my favourite books. Sadly, the pages were stuck together when I finally discovered the damage. And it had begun to get mouldy. And it smelt. Can you believe it?

Well. I ask you. I had only read this one once or twice and it gets mangled when I'm halfway through reading it. Hmmphf.

I mean, really. Couldn't my copy of Dean Koontz "Midnight" been waterlogged? Or perhaps that Womens Weekly cook book? But noooooooooooooooooooo. It had to be my yoga book and my Patricia Cornwell book. Oy veh.

To cheer myself up I bought "The Last Precinct" on Ebay for $10.95, which included $4.50 of postage, which is reasonable. So far it's the best one yet.

I think the most outstanding books so far in the Kay Scarpetta series are:
  • Postmortem - Wait for the scary bit. You'll know.

  • The Body Farm - Scary $h!t when you find out what's really happening

  • Point of Origin - Yikes!! That's all I need to say. Emotionally draining and freakish. But whatever you do, don't read this one before the other ones.

  • From Potter's Field - It's dark, exciting, I like it.

  • Cause of Death - Spooky

  • The Last Precinct (even though I haven't even finished reading it)
Clearly, I love all the Kay Scarpetta books but the ones I have just described have that extra special "something". That's what I think anyway. Feel free to comment on your favourite ones, or am I the only Patricia Cornwell / Kay Scarpetta fan in the world?

P.S. I haven't read "Trace" or "Predator" as yet.

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