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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bullshit Or Not?

This post was inspired by the Amazon Women On The Moon segment "Bullshit Or Not?"

Become Invisible

This has everything. Check it out. Importantly, it states this is intended to be used for MORAL PURPOSES ONLY. WTF?

Helping the poor invisibly? Sneaking into people's houses and doing their dishes? I could go on...

Plus as a bonus, you get "The secrets of sexual seduction". Wow. Sexual seduction. As opposed to sporting seduction.

Here are some of the claims (read very loud, red exclamation points everywhere)
  • The inexpensive aroma that makes women DESIRE you
  • Gorilla tactics - seduction for your home and car
Sounds classy yes? Gorilla. Okay...either that's a sneaky play on words or I don't want to know. I just don't. Okay I've got a mental picture now. Thanks.

Plus as an added bonus you get "The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets"

The claims?
  • Bring dead creatures BACK TO LIFE!
Perhaps they are referring to the gorilla.

Plus invaluable tips on keeping a squirrel in your pocket. You never know when this might come in handy.

An invisible man... meets and seduces a woman... using the power of a pocket squirrel.

Everyone should buy this. Seriously. Only $24.95 (AUS $31.02)

Bullshit Or Not?

The answer is obvious, of course.

If not, would you like to buy my all new just-been-released invisibility / spy / make money online / be irresistible to women ebook? Only $59.95 - postage is free due to digital delivery. Contact me asap if you are interested. ;-)

P.S. The seller's feedback says it all. The first entry reads "I have blowed my money on dumber shit." I rest my case.

P.P.S. The most disturbing thing of all is that some of those who left feedback said it actually worked. ?!?!?!?!?!


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