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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Advantages of Pay Pal

A few days ago I bid for some more clothing stuff on Ebay. Unfortunately I didn't realise until too late that neither of the items I was bidding on had PayPal as a payment option. Argh! I usually use PayPal because it saves fiddling about with printing out details, going to the Bank of Abu Dhabi (of which there is only one branch 50 km from Melbourne) and so forth.

But what could I do? I had committed to buy. I had forged the sacred bond with the Ebay gods that must never be broken.

So there was nothing for it. I had waited a little longer than usual to pay and each day it seemed more and more impossible to get to the bank. So yesterday was the day. If I didn't pay by 5pm I would be forever branded an Ebay witch and burnt at the Ebay stake.

Unfortunately, this was the day where not only did I have to go to the bank, I didn't have any transport. Not even a lift. So I walked uphill in what seemed like a furious squall. I walked for 20 minutes. So what? You may ask. I walk twenty minutes all the time. However I had to walk UPHILL for 20 minutes, after walking 20 minutes downhill to get there in the first place. Not to mention the 20 minutes I would be walking yet again as soon as I had deposited the Ebay money into the bank.

And you know what my thought was? Over and over again? With every step I took up that f-ing hill?

I should have bid on a PayPal auction. I could have paid with PayPal. All that walking saved. Wind in your ears. Panic in your throat. I could have been sitting back having a cup of tea and a banana. But no. (trudge, trudge) F*ing should have bid on a PayPal auction.

But now I have learned a valuable lesson. The hard way. I'm sure there was an easier way. A friendly email, perhaps? Stumbling onto a blog that speaks of this very thing (chortle, chortle!)
Not walking for 60 whole minutes while it's blowing a gale outside!!!!!!!

(deep breath in)
(deep breath out)
I am calm and relaxed
I am calm and relaxed


I feel better now.

:-) xox

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  1. Mahalo for your visit to my blog which enabled me to find your very funny post and great blog! Oh, I know the feeling of doing something and regretting it and cussing all the way!

  2. We sell on eBay, and I love it when International buyers pay with PayPal. We take International Money Orders, but not personal checks, as it just gets too confusing dealing with currencies.

    I've been caught a few times accidentally winning an auction that didn't take PP, and it is a pain, I'll agree.

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