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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saving Money: I See The Light!

I have also made another stunning realisation this week - saving money is completely boring. But what is more annoying is having a credit card debt and no savings whatsoever.

The other thing I have noticed is that it is no longer fashionable to save money in a bank. It seems it is more important to look as if you have money rather than actually having it. Which is stupid. Going into debt to look like you are wealthy...er...DUH!!

So what is fashionable? Buying a $500 pair of shoes that you will wear once? Shrewd investment, that one.

I tried to find out the source of the problem. Many people say "TV" or "Magazines" which can be a factor, definitely. But I often laugh at these ads and say "wow, check this new kind of watch out...if you buy it you get a free yacht and bodyguards."

The hardest form of advertising is this kind...

Person 1: "Hey guys, howzit going?"

Person 2: "Hey, I got one of those new iPhone/camera/movie player yesterday."

Person 3: "Me too! I got it for $400."

Person 2: "Hah, I got it for $370."

Person 1 (thinking): "Is my life complete without one of these? Everyone else seems to need one. I'm going to look like I'm not good enough if I don't have one. Sh!t, I don't have $400...or $300 for that matter. I do have a credit card though...."
(insert diabolical laughter here)

The next day Person 1 has a new iPhone/camera/movie player thingy. And a $400 credit card debt. And still no money in the bank. They take it home and unwrap it, waiting for the satisfaction and sense of achievement to sink in.

Person 1: "Err... what do I do with it?

*Thinks hard*

How about that! I don't think I wanted the dang thing anyway.

But it's the latest upgrade...and so and so has one and now I have one and now I can....



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  1. Sometimes it takes a LOT of mistakes to get your wallet in the right place.


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