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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Spam Brain Drain

It seriously took me 2 hours to get through my emails this morning. Over 100. That doesn't even include my other email account with Hotmail. Argh!! I got so many of those "FROM THE DESK OF..." or "READ VERY CAREFULL." Drives me mad. Why oh why would anyone fall for that sort of thing anymore? Although there is always the one person who ends up on A Current Affair saying "I thought they were legitimate...I just can't believe they did that to me!!" It is horrible. Those people should be put in jail. Also, people shouldn't be allowed to be that naive. There should be some kind of worldwide education campaign to stop people being foolish with their money and personal details. I don't quite know how it would work, perhaps it should be included in school curriculum. "Internet Privacy and Scam Issues 101". Perhaps people like me have to do it as a public service announcement.

Anyway, here's the latest one to look out for. It is very sneaky. I knew it was a fake immediately because it was sent to an email address that has nothing to do with my PayPal stuff. But...for some people they will send it to the address that IS registered with PayPal and you really don't want to absent-mindedly click this one...

The really sneaky bit is this part:
If you haven't authorized this charge ,click the link below to dispute transaction
and get full refund"
That is so low. They make you think you have been charged for a transaction you didn't make (which of course, you didn't!) then they give you a chance to "dispute" the transaction. Bad bad people I hope they go to hell and are forced to spend lots of time with a bunch of fascist dictators that want a new person to "play" with.

By the way, if you get one with "CONTACT UPS FOR YOUR PARCEL", note the part that mentions the "...cash payment to avoid losting this funds..."

I think I'll take my chances on losting this funds.

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  1. Hey, I think your posts are really funny.

    Anyway, do check out my online shop that sells my handmade jewellery at http://the-red-jewel.blogspot.com when you've the time. And we're based in Australia, too, so postage is minimal.

    And no, it's not a fake/cheat/dud website that's out to plague your computer with spyware ;)

    The Red Jewel

  2. See I like getting those sometimes, because when I'm in a bad mood or something I'll go click on them and you can sign in with whatever name/password you want and then put in some fake information and I'll put in all sorts of comments lol

  3. Indeed. Maintain the rage, I say!


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