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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ecommerce Software Launch

I write a lot of posts about shopping online. However I have often considered the kind of setup required to sell your own products. I know for a fact that shopping online is a volatile business at times. If I am visiting an online shopping site I will be very fickle when it comes to software glitches. If I don't feel 100% confident that the site is secure and able to process my order without incident, I will do what many online shoppers do when faced with this problem: log out, close the window and never come back. It's easy to work out how important this kind of software can be when rounding up new customers and making repeat sales. Personally, if I feel confident buying from a site I will be most likely to make repeat purchases. For this to happen on a large scale, the system must be reliable. I have tried out a number of Ecommerce Software packages - the best way to do this is to compare features, compare pricing and do your research before committing to any one package. Network Solutions E-commerce was developed by the developers of the former MonsterCommerce Ecommerce software. The important questions to ask - does it include Paypal? Many online shoppers swear by Paypal and if your Ecommerce package does not have this option for payment, shoppers may go elsewhere. It may be that the more options your Ecommerce software offers, the better. The choice is up to you.


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