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Monday, February 04, 2008

Congratulations Karrie Webb!!

Congratulations to Karrie Webb for winning the MFS Women's Australian Open 2008. Again!!

The tournament was held at Kingston Heath and I WAS THERE!!! Yep. That's right. I was so excited standing not more than a metre from Karrie Webb and her caddy. I could even read his yardage book and see the diagrams. I always wondered what it is that caddies say to the golfer before a shot.

I finally got my answer.

"Trust yourself." he said as Karrie lined up her tee shot.

Very Obi Wan.

And she did just that, winning in a playoff with Shin Ji-Yai. It was described as "tense". Tense!! I wasn't even there on the last day but I would not even get up to go to the loo until the playoff was over.

All I can say is...



  1. "Trust Yourself"

    As you say, very Obi Wan!

    Seems like you really enjoyed yourself :)

  2. Miladysa - I'm hooked actually! Now I'm looking for any golf tournament I can get to.


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