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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Canon Powershot A460

I got this camera around Christmas and had a ball finding out all the features and putting them to good use. One of my favourite features is the sepia mode, in which you can record a movie in sepia so it looks like one of those old newsreel movies. To do this my partner just walks really fast and blinks a lot. Then he waves and jerkily does a golf swing. He even pulled up his jeans to make plus fours to add to the authenticity. For those of you who aren't familiar with plus fours, here is an example:

The other settings include macro, beach, snow, foliage, nightshot and indoor. Now I am getting the hang of the settings I have realised that "foliage" is the best setting to use at the golf course. I wish I had been able to take it to the MFS Women's Australian Open because I could have got a number of great shots of Karrie Webb - she walked past me once, I watched her doing her practice putts and followed her round until we got tired and went to find a beer. We got tired by the 6th hole at Kingston Heath so I can't imagine how the players must have felt. We ended up sitting under a tree and enjoying the perfect view (4 metres away and in the shade!) of the 15th tee (pictured) and the 16th fairway. In the photo of the 15th tee, I would have been just to the right, a few metres away.

My partner went to get our beers so I sat under this shady tree and watched various players from Australia, Korea, England, Finland, Spain and Italy tee off with nobody else around. It was amazing, like I had my own box seat. When Karrie Webb arrived, so did the crowd, just as I was wondering where all the people had got to. Later I found out that I had been to the 2nd best golf course in Australia, and 21st in the world.

When I think about it, the golf course looked like no course I've ever been to. The greens were like felt and the fairways were like most greens I have putted on.

The light rough was like the fairways at Elsternwick Golf course:

and the rough was almost exactly like the fairways at Studley Park Golf Course.


One of my favourite features on the camera is the macro setting. I spent a large portion of my holidays bent over small flowers and leaves, testing out the macro. I chose a couple of interesting subjects with which to do my experiments - (click to enlarge):

This flower was actually half the size of my fingernail, maybe smaller

Yes, I did a macro of a VB label. It looks even more refreshing close up.

I would definitely recommend this camera - it's reasonably priced at around $120 and does everything you are likely to be needing, unless of course you are a photography enthusiast, in which case you would have bought a digital SLR with lens attachments.

A great camera for taking holiday snaps, be it landscapes, people or places.

All photos except Kingston Heath taken by Canon Powershot A460

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  1. Camera talk! I love taking photographs, I'm not sure what moment in my life exactly is to blame for that.

    I've had 4 digital cameras since 2003, a Nikon 3.2m which was great for the time, a Sony 6.0m which was HORRIBLE (never go with sony products unless it's audio related), a Samsung 6.0m which is the family camera (I used it when my Sony kicked the bucket 2 months after I recieved it)

    And finally my most recent, a Canon powershot G9, 12.1m which is the most amazing camera I've set eyes on. It has all the features a digital should have and more, as well as the option of converting to a professional grade camera. It's pricey, but so easy to use, produces sharp clear photos, and well worth the money spent!
    Check it out here!


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