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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rent A Car

If you are not quite ready to purchase a car yet, you and I are in the same situation. Sometimes it's easier (and cheaper!) to rent a car instead. The benefits are many. I personally require a car perhaps ten times a year. The savings are obvious - no ongoing registration costs, weekly petrol bills, tune ups and maintenance bills or car insurance. The total savings are substantial over the course of a year. When I do require a hire car, I will scan the internet for the best deals until I find the perfect deal for me. You can do the same by checking out the best car rental deals and comparing prices on Advantage Rent A Car. The site provides discounts for travel agents and tour operators. You can choose from a number of vehicles including minivans and convertibles, depending on the occasion. Once you find the preferred rate, the booking facility is simple and easy to use. When you can take care of the car booking online it gives you more time to plan for the important details, such as packing for that holiday or day trip!

This post brought to you by Advantage.com

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  1. A quick note on the previous post, one thing I've learned is karma has a way of working things out just right.

    In that vein, I'm announcing Soup To Nuts "3"'; ready to pick up on of the courses?

    Stumbling around the blogosphere today...stopped by to give you a big thumbs up.



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