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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gifts for Bloggers (and Nerds!)

What do you get for the blogger who has everything? I know:

Just imagine the reaction from people you speak to everyday.
"Is she really? Did I say anything stupid? Incriminating? Oh sh!t, I mentioned the election!! Whatever will she write?"

What they don't realise is that I will be thinking "relax, I'm not blogging about you. Not unless you do anything that is spectacularly amusing or ridiculously silly. In fact, you are usually safe if you're not a customer service representative from any shopping outlet and you're not likely to be incredibly unhelpful or rude. You can relax now."

This is possibly the nerdiest t-shirt I have ever seen. With the exception of a select few, perhaps. But I love it. Because I am a nerd.

80s movie tees are back apparently.
I remember when anything 80s was so... well... 80s.
Wargames - the classic unbelievable nerd film. Like a computer with a 16k RAM card has the power to take over nuclear facilities and interact in an artificial intelligence capacity. "Would you like to play a game?" Yes, it's called "spot the plot hole".

Did I mention the nerdiest t-shirt of all time? I was wrong. P.S. if you get this, you are a nerd. If you laugh at it, you are also a geek.

And my favourite game of all time: Lemmings! Yaaaay! Such a simple concept - save a mass of suicidal lemmings using creative means like bridge building, hole digging, bashing and blocking.

If you miss this game (as I do!), you can play Lemmings right here, right now on your PC using this link: Play Lemmings in Your Browser

Ah, the nostalgia, the green hair... the bit where you kill all of them by blowing them up because you made a mistake... the guilt, the joys, the triumph...

The t-shirts can be found at teenormous.com / thinkgeek.com /mrcloud.com


  1. Haha!! I love the "Video Games" tshirt!! Very original, haven't seen it before!

  2. These shirts are awesome! Thanks for the awesome Christmas idea! I love your blog, btw!


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