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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US Election Results Coverage 2008

If you are like me, ie. camped in front of the computer wide eyed and open mouthed, watching the pretty blue and red colours appear across the states, you might like to view the incoming results for the US Election 2008 on the following links:

BBC News US Election 2008 Results Map

This map requires Flash, but you will see the results as the votes are counted state by state.

SBS World News US Election Results 2008

The SBS World news map features a zoom to individual states to see the breakdown of votes by county.

CNN US Election Results 2008

Updated frequently, detailed information state by state.

Business Day NZ Latest US Election Results 2008

Updated less frequently, this coverage contains text updates and election results map.

P.S. I have no fingernails left.


  1. hi- is there an email address i could use to send some info about an opportunity to work with expotv.com? thx!

  2. Hi Angelo,

    By all means - the email is:

    Cheers :-)


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