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Monday, February 02, 2009

Buying a Digital Camera

At some time or another the time will come when you look at your old Hanimex 35mm and say "well, old buddy, I'm afraid you're obsolete." It will be a sad day, for many that day has already come. For me it came two years ago when I realised that photography and photos were changing so rapidly and that I had to keep up or get left in a big cloud of dust kicked back from the 21st century.

So then you have to go through every catalogue, megapixels screaming at you and confusion racking your tired brain. Let's face it. We could all use a little help. You need to do some heavy-duty research before purchasing a camera. 42nd Street is a digital camera store that reviews and recommends various digital cameras and helps the digital camera shopper to decipher the myriad of options available to them. With concern to safekeeping digital pictures there is a handy section on camera care, warranties and storage. Their prices are reasonable and some savings can be found on many of the models discussed on the site. The range includes cameras for the holiday snapper right up to the serious photographer.

This post brought to you by 42nd Street Photo.


  1. A digital camera is a must have and makes a great gift idea. Ours also has a video option for short video clips which is sort of fun. I think the thing I like best is getting rid of those photos you really have no interest in for whatever reason.

  2. CoolStuffForDads - me too! Especially those photos that catch you at the wrong moment!


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