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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digital HD Coverage of Accenture Match Play Golf Championship

The great digital television revolution. Ah, the choice, the channels, the unending variety. Or so we thought. This morning Ten HD presented Round 1 of the Accenture Match Play Golf Championship.

Tiger's comeback after months of injury was much anticipated. The coverage began at 6am. The excitement of seeing Tiger back in action and playing against Brendan Jones from Australia was a recipe for a brilliant morning's viewing.

And then... outrage. The coverage of play was cut short to make way for the highly time-sensitive (note sarcasm) "David and Kim" morning show.

The same bloody mind numbing and banal David and Kim morning show that is being shown on the other Ten Digital channels. Obviously Ten HD found it imperative that it be shown on Ten HD just to make sure that nobody misses the extremely missable David and Kim show. All us golf tragics were expecting full coverage - many other groups were set to come through, including little known (note sarcasm again) players such as Ernie Els. It was not that the official coverage had finished, it's just that Ten HD decided not to show it anymore. Surely, Ten HD you can spare one little channel to see the coverage through to its conclusion.

Important note: I have discovered that the coverage begins again at 4:30pm today, which is a welcome relief. Hopefully this coverage includes the wrap up as well.

It's truly amazing that we are getting 15 new channels this year, unfortunately it seems that some of the content has so far been duplicated. With any luck, this will be sorted out throughout 2009.


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