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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soaps Soaps Soaps!!

As I may have mentioned in one or many of my in earlier posts, I don't drink coffee anymore. Maybe I can torture... I mean placate myself with this glorious coffee soap made with real cream and coffee beans:

Cuban Coffee Bean Olive Oil Soap with Real Cream

Every time I have a shower I can remind myself of beautiful roasted coffee beans and cappucinos... the roasted bean aroma slowly drifting up and... AAARGHGHGH!!!!

I think I'll ask if they can do one for me in "dandelion" instead!!

Okay... ummm.

My Poop Don't Stink - Dark Rich Chocolate scented soap

Excuse me, I think I'll just go wash my hands in poop. This is either complete genius or completely sick. By the way, it's scented with dark chocolate fragrance.

Now this is more like it, a soap made from beer:

Jamaican Hops Beer Soap- green tea- lemon- black pepper

Aaaahhh!!! I probably wouldn't use it - I'd probably just sit there, sniffing it...

Er... moving right along...

Hi, my name is Herschell, I used to play Playstation in the shower until I got electrocuted. Now Mum has confiscated all my gaming equipment from the bathroom.

Sony Playstation video game controller soap, scented for men

Fear not, Herschell, you can now feed your insatiable Playstation addiction while showering, bathing and just washing your hands. You can marvel at the controls, practice your special moves and do whatever it is that you do in there. Just don't tell me about it...

And now, for something even weirder:


I'm glad to know that the horror Hannibal Lecter dragon's blood scented soap is vegan, otherwise I wouldn't buy it.

So, if you like to wake in fright each morning as you look down at your soap in a half-sleep and see Hannibal the Cannibal staring back at you, washing your bits...

If you like recreating the scene from "Psycho" every morning to break the monotony...

If you like the idea of a serial killer washing your body and making you clean I have only one thing to say.

...You're weird, Pal.


  1. Fictional serial killer soap?!?!? I think you've just discovered my favourite ever thing. I mean, at what point do you go "Hmmm, you know I really do think there's a hole in the market for glow in dark bathroom products with the face of evil on them".

    You know I'm going to have to go and find some now right?

  2. Gee - Yes I wonder about the person who decided to make these. Let me know how you get on...

  3. That poop soap is, hmm..., what's the word I'm looking for? Ya, eeewwwwwwww...


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