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Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Free Twitter Backgrounds!!

I've been having some more fun creating a bunch of free Twitter backgrounds for you to use.

Feel free to share, etc.

- Click on theme and open in new window
- Save to desktop (or wherever you like!)
- Go to Twitter account
- Choose "Settings"
- Choose "Design" tab
- Upload your image from your computer
- Save!

Green Theme

Music Theme

Bookish Theme

Tiger Theme

Have fun!


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More Twitter Backgrounds


  1. that's great. but i already have custom twitter background.

  2. I am a music lover and I so love music related background images! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome images! I'll definitely add these up to my collection. By the way, let me share you these simple Twitter backgrounds and unique Twitter backgrounds and you'll see a bunch more of beautiful stuff. Thanks again, LJP!


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