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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wish List - Afghan Rug Mouse Pad

I was vee-eery tired last night, having only had approximately two hours each night for the last three nights. In my sleepy half-eyes open half-eyes closed state I started to notice the political commentator speaking on the current affairs program on the ABC (or was it SBS? I can't remember). My attention zoned in, not on the man himself or what he was saying, but the desk behind him. On the desk was the cutest thing - a mouse pad that looked like an afghan rug. I wasn't actually sure if these things existed or if tiredness had got the better of me and I had started hallucinating.

Not so:

Ta da!!

Pictured are Antique Red Afghan, Lori-Pambak and Turkoman Bokhara styles. They look so perfect on those dark wood Sherlock Holmes-type desks.


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