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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What Message Would You Send To Aliens?

Artists Impression of Gilese 581d, photo credit HelloFromEarth

HelloFromEarth was set up to send messages from Earth to a planet named Gliese 581d, a planet that is speculated to possibly contain life. The messages were moderated, approved and sent on the 28th August 2009. The messages were sent from the NASA/CSIRO Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex at Tidbinbilla, Australia.

Here are some of my favourite messages currently on their way to Gilese 581d:

"Greetings strangers. If you need an interpreter for these messages, I'm great at languages. Let me know, got no plans for the next 50 years or so."

"I think that you already know my husband. He is from another planet! Drive carefully and don't speed. See you soon. GM. xxx"

"Hello Neighbour, Please don’t consider these messages as alien-spam! Thanks, Lonely Earth"

"Look forward to working with you skateboarding!And also invite you to eat dumplings!"

"Long live Dave Grohl. Long live Foo Fighters. Long live Czech beer. Let's rock!"

"Alien dude, need tickets to Pearl Jam."

The messages will take around twenty years to reach their destination and will take around twenty years for a reply to come back to earth. A total of 25,880 messages were sent with a file size of 2,845,539 bytes.

I hope they have broadband.


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