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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Drop Zone

Ted Baker Teardrop Silk Dress

Ted Baker has come to my attention recently and I was so impressed that I have decided to add him to my "Let's go shopping" section on the sidebar.

For the budget conscious (which is most people these days!!) I managed to find it for $130 (normally $325) - InviteOnly

Bumbershoot Designs (Etsy) Rainier Raindrop Rhinestone Earrings


And finally, the best invention since... low carb beer.

These little beauties fold out and rest on the table, while you hang your bag off the coil. I can't remember how many times I have been seated outside, not wanting to put my bag on the ground but then not wanting to sit with my bag in my lap, either.

Here is a purse hook in action. The weight of the bag keeps the purse hook in place and your bag doesn't get covered in dust or dog business, leaving your hands free to do... whatever it is you do.

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