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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just when I thought I'd seen it all, this comes along:

Doga (Dog Yoga)

A.K.A. "Dog Yoga" or "Ruff Yoga". I saw this book in the newsagent today and lost it.

1. I hope they don't want the dog to read it. I have enough trouble getting them to say "woof"

2. Getting a dog to "sit", "stay" and "don't chew the furniture" can take years in dog training school. The mind boggles at a dog trying to learn "Salute to the Sun" in a short period of time.

3. Dogs would be good at the "Downward Dog Pose", I'll give them that.

4. Is the yoga actually taught by dogs? If so, THEN I'm impressed.

5. Possible dog poses to try:

"Digging the roses out of the garden" pose

"Smell another dog's behind" pose

"Go mad at the doorbell" pose

"Bark at nothing in particular for 30 minutes" exercise

The strange and rather challenging "Leg humping" pose

"Tap dance across tiles and slide into a bicycle and a bunch of toys" pose

According to the author, dogs are already born yoga masters. Well, good. Perhaps they can teach me. The book is, of course a little tongue in cheek (or tongue flapping out the car window, depending on your species) and combines humour and yoga and er... well, dogs.

Apparently dogs have a natural "tranquility" - yeah. Tell that to the mailman.

Yes, dogs can do a lot of things, but can they do this?

Hmm. I don't think so.

"Dogs are natural yoga masters" eh?

Well... some humans can naturally do yoga. At least I think that's what this guy is doing.

Perhaps we can just leave yoga to the humans and let dogs just be... er... dogs.


  1. LOL!!!! You are a master with words. I love laughing first thing in the morning. What about the "turn and look accusingly at the humans for the smell that is floating through the house, forgetting that you made the smell yourself."

    Yoga and dogs, go figure!

  2. @Katherine - Thank you so much!! :-)
    Your comment made me laugh too!!

    p.s. Loved your post!!

  3. Very funny.

    What about the "Back away from the door - you don't seriously expect me to go out in this weather" pose.

  4. @Hazel - perhaps dogs are smarter than us after all!! :-)


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